Ica , Huancavelica, Peru, South America

Desarroollo integral de comunidades vulnerables

The project is a self-financed initiative that was born in March 2013 as a pilot in the annex of San Jose De Challaca, a small rural community in the department of Huancavelica about 4 hours from the city of Ica. A project full of dreams and a beautiful way to go.

Given the need for lack of intervention of organizations that help the development of these communities with high poverty rate, problems of family violence, alcoholism and the concentration of NGOs in the capital, in departments such as Cuzco, and the Amazon of our country, also the lack of intervention by local governments and after having touched many doors decide to do something on their own and believing in solidarity as a way of life

From 2013 to date it has been growing with many difficulties, but it has also been a path of much learning and the family has been growing with project coordinators, communities and volunteers. Now the project extends to the city of Ica where there are many people who have migrated from different communities of Huancavelica, Ayacucho etc, looking for a better future, but sometimes it is not like that. In our different programs we seek to benefit children / youth, adults, older adults because we believe that the human being is important at every stage of their life and always an opportunity all deserve.
Everyone can join and share our mission and vision together to co-create new projects with social impact.

The empowerment of people in situations of vulnerability, empowering their abilities and skills for self-management, health and sustainability of a better quality of life as well as the use of the various resources that are counted and promoting an active community with proposed solutions innovative

Consolidate as a replicable social project, oriented to cover unresolved needs.

The project does not seek to give charity to people, we seek to provide tools and meetings to co-create sustainable ventures that can be managed by them, developing their creativity, exploring and improving their talents, their personal and spiritual growth since childhood, valuing and treasure the experience of adults and seniors in an active way; Give meaning to life.

To sustain the project, we seek self-financing and generate our economic resources. In our house in Ica we are offering accommodation services, tours, Peruvian cooking classes, organic farming, bicycle rides, etc. but above all a family atmosphere. If you are going through Ica and do not have much time to volunteer, booking these services with us is also a way to collaborate with the project. You can spread it among your friends or traveling people.

We look for people, committed, with initiatives that can help offering from their skills and professional knowledge, with labor, administrative activities or promotion and dissemination of the project. No matter where you are from, we all have something to learn from each other, and the place where we are doing magic,

How to get?

From Lima to Ica: Cruz del sur , souyz, 5 hours trip
From Cuzco to Ica: Cruz del Sur, Tepsa, Palomino 18 hours trip
From Arequipa to Ica: Cruz del Sur, Tepsa; 12 hours of travel
From another part of Peru, first to Lima and from there to Ica.

Tell us the time of arrival in Ica to pick them up at the agency .

To go to the communities, there are also five hours of travel. from 60 soles round trip. Coordinator of Para with 2 week in advance.

Our Activities

What We Need

Education: (Children and adolescents) minimum stay 1 month without counting Saturdays and Sundays that the volunteer uses to know places or rest.

In the morning: support in the initial, primary and secondary schools with English classes.

In the afternoon: Talent Academy (minimum stay 2 weeks without counting Saturdays and Sundays that the volunteer uses to know places or rest. )

- Music workshops
- Painting
- Public Speaking, Holistic Education
- Crafts
-Support and school reinforcement reading, mathematics etc.
- Ecology and recycling
- Hygiene and nutrition
- Sport activities
- Dance, theater, acting, photography where they can discover and develop their talents
- Productive workshops and recreation for children, youth and adults
- Promotion of values ​​and personal development through workshops.

Talent Academy Summer 2018 ( minimum stay 1 month without counting Saturdays and Sundays that the volunteer uses to know places or rest. )

Club kids: Children from 4 years old up to 10

. Land art workshop
. Workshop on environmental education (nature is my friend and recycling)
. Yoga workshop, dynamics of
self-esteem and social skills
. Painting workshop (Mandalas)
. Creative English workshop
. Chef kids workshop
. Garden workshop
: Funny letura and educational cinema

Club Teens: from 12 to 16

Entrepreneurship workshops, life project, debates, forums, and more ...

Agriculture and environment (minimum stay 2 weeks without counting Saturdays and Sundays that the volunteer uses to know places or rest. )

Activities :

- Implementation or maintenance of family and school bio - gardens.
- implementation of composting areas and preparation of organic fertilizers.
- land preparation for new plantings with local families
- Implementation of a nursery of fruit trees, moringa, and flowers to beautify the communities.
- participation in seasonal crops or harvests.
- Maintenance of ditches and all related agricultural work
- Support in the afforestation project of a community and the community nursery
- talks about the care of the environment, recycling.
- Promote good eating habits through the consumption of healthy foods, cultivated in a responsible manner and contribute to better nutrition.
- Realization of ecological fairs in Ica, where people from the communities can sell their products and generate family income.

Benefits for volunteers:
Learn about propagation, pruning and grafting of fruit trees, planting vegetables all in an ecological way.
Learn about the medicinal benefit of local plants.

Natural construction: (minimum stay 2 weekswithout counting Saturdays and Sundays that the volunteer uses to know places or rest. )

Creating an environment to live in harmony with nature, support with the construction of a new house with natural construction techniques, where you will learn to make adobes, will be our accommodation in our projects. Also to the maintenance of communal premises, ovens and improved kitchens. recreational spaces for the elderly, children, adolescents and adults and live harmoniously and with a sense of cooperation. All contributions from your knowledge or manpower will be important.

Economic Development: (minimum stay 2 weeks without counting Saturdays and Sundays that the volunteer uses to know places or rest. )

- Support in the identification, planning and implementation of productive projects with the most vulnerable sectors of the community (single women or victims of domestic violence, young men with little training, etc.), using their resources and giving added value with a eco-sustainable and self-managing approach, as well as the accompaniment in its real insertion in the market and its long-term sustainability. .

- Support the design and implement a business management workshop for adolescents from 13 years.

Experiential tourism ventures of local families: (minimum stay 2 weeks)

Support families dedicated mainly to agricultural activities to develop their ventures in experiential tourism as a source of work and income to the development of their families and the community.
the volunteer @ works with the project and develops local partners for which he will live with the families

Activities :
- Development of circuits, tourist.
- Training of local tour guides, language workshops (English)
- Training in, gastronomy, house kepping.
- Prepare audiovisual materials, publications, promotion, conservation of the environment.
- Cleaning of trails
- Paint and elaborate signage on the trails and lodging house
- Painting, decoration and maintenance of rooms, the house and surroundings (Lodging), carpentry, painting.
Translations and support as a guide if required.

Community Experience: (minimum stay 2 weeks without counting Saturdays and Sundays that the volunteer uses to know places or rest. )

live with a local family and support in their daily activities for example: milk cows, make cheeses, cleaning, feed the animals, prepare food, bring firewood, you can also help improve the house painting, decorating, activities agricultural, and feel like a member of the family.

Emprendores Textiles: (minimum stay 1 month without counting Saturdays and Sundays that the volunteer uses to know places or rest. )

We are in the beginning stage where we are weaving dreams with women and men craftsmen of the textile world, we count on the raw material (wool of alpaca, sheep and vicuña) and the art of weaving in the hands, but to make your company come true and to bring your own brand to market there is a way to go. Volunteers are needed to:
- creation of the company,
- business management training
- the brand design
Product design giving added value to your fabrics and looms
- Manage sales channels.

Professional volunteering: (minimum stay 6 months )

See if you are interested we will send you the information by mail about the collaboration and the conditions that are offered.

- Piscologists
-Social workers . sociology
- professionals of administration, tourism, agroecology and fashion designers.

To better coordinate your participation, tell us about your skills

enero - Diciembre
(mínimum 2 weeks:

What We Provide


Accommodation in a family house, rooms and shared bathroom.
- Sharing and learning about Peruvian culture from everyday life
- Learning about medicinal plants
- Share a family and community space
- Enjoy and learn from our Quechua lenguage and local and Peruvian cuisine in general

- Be over eighteen years of age, regardless of sex, marital status, race
- Be respectful of the customs and culture of the area where you will work
- Prohibited use of drugs of any kind
- Have travel insurance
- When requesting a vacancy, send an email with a cell phone number to contact
- Have filled out the registration form
- Work from Monday to Saturday from 5 to 6 hours
- A donation for the minimum project 150 Soles

Important Info

Suitable For


Minimum Stay

Any period of time

Staff Size

Up to 5 people



Watch Us


Help out from Home

Create/Update our Website
Document Translation
Legal Consulting

Your Contact Person

la tinguiña Ica / 105, Ica , Huancavelica, Peru.

Other Information

We have different programs that you can access and feel comfortable. We have short-term programs and long-term programs, with professionals.
Short term programs (mínimum 2 weeks:

- improved cooking, rustic ovens
- support in the construction of houses and communal premises, recreational areas, and cultural spaces
-To share all activities with a local family and supports daily activities

- help with agriculture
- To help with everything related to animals
Medium-term programs (minimum stay 1 month):

EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM “PEQUES” (Children and teenagers)

Aimed at children and adolescents to offer better opportunities and we encourage:

- Music and English Workshops
- Painting
- Oratory, Holistic Education
- Crafts and handicrafts
-Support and school reinforcement reading, math, etc.
- Walking in the surroundings
- Ecology and recycling
- Hygiene and nutrition
- Sport activities
- Entrepreneurship workshop (Productive projects and business management for adolescents, from 6th grade)
- Dance, theater, acting, photography where they can discover and develop their talents

Long term program (Minimum 3 months)

Strengthening their emotional development (tolerance, cooperation, self-esteem and trust) activity based on dynamics. Focused to promote learning in ethical values for your present and future, and work in school with people between 3 and 16 years:




Request for more detailed information of our programs by email. Also, write us about your skills, hobbies and profession in order to coordinate your participation.

What are you waiting for?

We at PROYECTO AUTONOMO CHALLACA would love to hear from you!