Psicologos Sin fronteras

Arequipa, Peru, South America
We are a Non-Profit Civil Association, founded on November 22, 2002.
We are an organization of Volunteers that work under the affiliation of Psychologists Without Borders of the world, we have sister organizations in different countries of Latin America, Argentina, Psychologists Sin Fronteras San Luis, Psychologists Sin Fronteras Tucuman, Santa Fe and Buenos Aires very soon, we wait; In Bolivia, Psychologists Without Borders Santa Cruz and Psychologists Without Borders Peace in Colombia, Psychologists Without Borders Colombia in Neiva, Mexico, Psychologists Sin Fronteras Sinaloa - Mexico, in Chile, soon Psychologists Without Borders Mexico, Now in Venezuela.
Also in Spain, Psychologists Without Borders Asturias, Psychologists Without Borders Valencia, Psychologists Without Borders Castilla la Mancha, Psychologists Without Borders Madrid, Psychologists Without Borders Navarra; In Italy Psychologists Sense Fronteras, in France, Psychologists Without Borders France.
We invite you to share this page and to contact us, we always have a project in which we are working. We are waiting for you.

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Psychologists Without Borders contribute their help to populations in precarious situations suffering from social, economic or cultural marginalization, civil organizations, public or private organized institutions and wherever I know of a situation of exceptional gravity that requires specialized intervention in the field Of psychology. As well as victims of ecological catastrophes of natural or human origin, of situations of belligerence without any discrimination of race, sex, religion, philosophy or politics.

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Arequipa, Peru.

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Psychologists without borders Peru is an association that brings together without discrimination or exclusion all professionals of psychology and members of related professions who voluntarily contribute their assistance to populations affected by cataclysms, collective accidents or belligerent situations and those populations that suffer social marginalization, Economic or cultural, as well as to those groups that require a specialized intervention in the field of psychology. As well as in social situations of significant gravity.