Quechua School

Cusco, Peru, South America
We help children and their families teaching values, languages and motivating sports. We carry out healthy tourism, valuing its culture and caring for nature; we promote research and programs in vulnerable communities. Visit ourweb http://quechuaschool.org/

Volunteering Activities

Agriculture Work
Animal Care
Conservation Work
Web Work

What We Need

Social Worker
People who speak another language and teach children to speak it.
Children tutor in their practice of music, dance, sports, games.
Women Empowerment
Eco friendly house designers
Researchers of the environment and traditional culture

When & Who

All year
Yes, we require a minimum of 1 Day
There are no limits
Individuals, Family with Kids, Groups

What we Provide


Our house is simple, it is located on the main road of the city with accessibility to the public transport service.
We have hot water, washing machine, free wifi, you will also have advice on your trips to the attractions of Cusco and southern Peru.


We provide you with lunch the days you are with us. There are places nearby for shopping, You will have a kitchen available to prepare your breakfast and dinner if you wish. The house will always be at your disposal.

Wifi & Satellite
Hot Water

Our Fees


The economic collaboration is to pay the rent the place where classes are held, the sports park where children practice sports. Also for educational materials, for travel tickets to communities, to pay people who collaborate with us.


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More Services we Offer

May have additional fees
Pretrip Assistance
Pick Up/Drop Off
Social Activities

we pick you up from the airport.
Orientation of Tours to Machu picchu, Sacred Valley of the incas, Ollantaytambo, others.
We offer you Lenguage classes, spanish and quechua.
Participate in projects with local communities.
Share time with children.

Contact Person

Vladimir Vargas Chauca
La Cantuta B 13, San Jeronimo, Cusco, Peru.
82% response rate , 12 hour(s) response time.

Other Ways to Help

Visit to the local community, share with children, tours to city of Cusco, Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley, Mountain of colours, Humantay Lagoon.

We can perform different activities in the hours you have:
Travel to Machu Picchu or Sacred Valley.
Visit local communities
Share time with children


Balls, uniforms, educational materials, books, sports materials, food supplements, musical instruments, educational real estate.
Eco friendly house design, Rural tourism planning, anything that helps people buid their eco-friendly homes.

Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

Managing Director.

Executive Director. In charge of coordinating volunteers and donations. Project management

Advisor in Andean Culture

Sports teacher. In charge of planning the practice sessions of volleyball, soccer, basketball and swimming.

Teacher of basic subjects such as mathematics and communication.

Chinchaypujio Homestay Project Coordinator.


We offer you free information about Machu Picchu and all the attractions of southern Peru.
We will help you on your trip to Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley, Mountain of Colors, Humantay Lagoon and everything you need for your stay here.

January and February
Monday to Friday, morning and afternoon.
Healthy summer school
Multiple activities with children. Practice of sports, languages, mathematics and communication.

from April to December
Regular healthy school, only in the evenings: sports, languages, mathematics and communication.

Throughout the year we work with rural communities on the project of rural tourism and environmental development.

Our objectives are to promote culture, good health and sports; of children with low resources and with the help of volunteers from all over the world who count on us to learn Spanish and Quechua, living with local people.

Visit our website
to find out more about our work and how you will help us.

About me, Vladimir Vargas Chauca
I facilitate and support the communities to have volunteers and visitors, for free I help you to reach the community from the city of Cusco.
I live in Cusco and you can stay at my house.
I will help you to make tours to Machu Picchu, Rainbow Mountain, Humantay lake, and all tourist information about Cusco and Peru.
more info quechuatrips.com
contact me by wapp +51984463979

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