Quetzaltrekkers León

Quetzaltrekkers is a nonprofit organisation that provides adventurous hikes for tourists to the volcanoes around León, Nicaragua. Our profits go toward locally-run projects assisting at-risk youth in León and in the rural areas around the volcanoes to which we hike. <br/><br/>We rely greatly on our incredible team of volunteers to ensure our organisation runs successfully. Our volunteers help us provide our highly popular hikes at competitive prices whilst maximising the amount of money we donate to the projects which we support.

Volunteering Activities


What We Need

As a volunteer at Quetzaltrekkers, you will be expected to:

- Hike three to four days per week.
- Take care of the preparation and cleanup of each hike.
- Participate in occasional projects days during which we work directly with the kids that our profits supports.
- Enjoy interacting with tourists and sharing the beauty of Nicaragua with them.
- Work a couple of office shifts per week (selling hikes and signing people up).
- Help with promotions and special events.

Applicant minimum requirements:

- Enthusiastic, can-do attitude.
- Speak advanced English.
- Speak basic Spanish or be willing to learn.
- Be in good physical condition.
- Have hiking/backpacking experience.
- Have a valid First Aid certificate or be willing to acquire one.
- Commit to a minimum of three months.

When & Who

We accept applications on a rolling basis, as we are always looking for volunteers. Immediate start dates are available.
Yes, we require a minimum of 3 Months

What we Provide


There are no costs to volunteer, but we ask volunteers to contribute $85/month if they'd like to live here in our house.

Volunteers have this option of renting a room in the Quetzaltrekkers multicultural, communal house, which is located in the center of León. Volunteers can also stay with a host family or rent an apartment. The cost of living in Leon is quite low and rent typically ranges from $80-100/month.

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More Services we Offer

May have additional fees

We provide:

- Training in guiding and first aid.
- Opportunities to volunteer at local nonprofits.
- Quetzaltrekkkers will pay for one private Spanish tutoring session per week for volunteers.
- Food is provided for trekking guides during the hike.

Contact Person

Mitchell Lincoln
Donde fue El Mercantil 1/2 cuadra abajo, Leon, Nicaragua.

Other Ways to support us

Camping gear (varies based on time).

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

Quetzaltrekkers was founded in 1995 in Guatemala as a means of self-sustainable, grassroots fundraising for the functioning of Asociación Escuela de Calle (EDELAC). The aim was to combat the unfortunate reality of children living and working on the streets of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. The idea of QT was simple: raise money from tourists and use all of it to help the Guatemalans that need them most, namely, street children and other at-risk youth. From these humble beginnings, Quetzaltrekkers grew to become the biggest trekking operator in Xela and possibly all of Guatemala.

​Encouraged by the success of Quetzaltrekkers in Xela, three guides set out from Guatemala in 2004 to expand the organisation to other countries in Central America. They decided to settle in León, Nicaragua due to its proximity to the Maribios volcanic range. Instead of creating their own social project, the guides decided to seek out a pre-existing, well established organisation for which to raise money.

The guides chose to work with Asociación Las Tías. This independent organisation was established by local merchant women for the purpose of reducing drug use among disadvantaged youths in León and rehabilitating those with existing addictions.

The popularity and profits of QT León has since increased exponentially. We are now able to donate our profits to five projects in León: Asociación Las Tías, Las Chavaladas, Minibiblioteca Manuelita Sacasa, the QT Scholarship Fund and Las Zankistas. Furthermore, we provide funding to special projects on an ad hoc basis and our guides also attend the projects to lend their support.

As well as Quetzaltrekkers Guatemala , we have our three other sister organisations, all founded on the same principles; Condortrekkers Bolivia, Emutrekkers Australia and Cúrtrekkers Ireland.