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Quetzaltrekkers Leon

NGO that offers adventurous hikes to volcanoes to support at-risk kids in Leon, Nicaragua.

Hike Volcanoes - Help Kids.

Quetzaltrekkers is a non-profit organization offering adventerous hikes to tourists to the volcanoes around León, Nicaragua. Our profits go toward locally-run projects assisting at risk youth in León and in the rural areas around the volcanoes to which we hike. More information and volunteer testimonials can be found on our website:http://leon.quetzaltrekkers.org/testimonies.html.

Our Activities

What We Need

As a volunteer at Quetzaltrekkers, you should be expected to:

Hike three to four days per week, and take care of the preparation and cleanup of each hike.
Enjoy interacting with tourists, sharing the beauty of Nicaragua with them.
Work a couple office shifts per week (selling hikes and signing people up).
Help with promotions and special events.
Participate in occasional projects days, working directly with the kids that our money supports.
Pass our First Aid test during your training period.

Acccepting Applications on a rolling basis.
Three Months (with 10 days of vacation)

What We Provide

Training in guiding and first aid.
Opportunities to volunteer at local not-for-profits.
Volunteers have the option of renting a room in the Quetzaltrekkers multicultural, communal house which is located in the center of Leon. Volunteers can also stay with a host family or rent an apartment. The cost of living in Leon is quite low and rent typically ranges from $80-100/month.
Quetzaltrekkkers will pay for one private Spanish tutoring session per week for volunteers.
Food is provided for trekking guides during the hike.

Important Info

Suitable For


Minimum Stay

Any period of time

Staff Size

Up to 5 people


No costs to volunteer, but we ask volunteers to contribute $85/month if they'd like to live here in our house.


Your Contact Person

Mitchell Lincoln
Donde fue El Mercantil 1/2 cuadra abajo, Leon, Nicaragua.
100% response rate , 15 hour(s) response time.

What are you waiting for?

We at Quetzaltrekkers Leon would love to hear from you!