Reaching Sky Foundation

New Delhi, India, South Asia
Founded in 2015, Reaching Sky Foundation is a youth oriented non-governmental organization based in New Delhi. Our mission is to wisely direct the power of youth in India, with an increased understanding of social issues along with the desire to be the initiators and value generators thus bringing t

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What We Need

Scaling of Impact in Slum Communities and creating sustainable projects to effectively deliver the best.

- Teaching - Project Management - Fundraising - Youth Development - Capacity Building Workshops

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June - July 2017
1 Month

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B-212 Jawahar Park Khanpur, Near Sainik Farms, New Delhi 110080, New Delhi, India.

Other Ways to support us

Public addressing systems (Portable speakers and mic to address our beneficiaries), Stationary, Laptops, Computers, Smartphones.

Additional Info about Us

10 to 20 people

Founded in September 2015, Reaching Sky Foundation is a youth oriented non-governmental organization based in New Delhi, India. The Foundation is being in constant effect under the influence of its name’s meaning which signifies attainment of extensiveness with an expression of Dreaming Big & Working Harder in Procurement of Best of One’s Potential.
The Foundation’s vision is 'to develop a World where people are empowered with Social Values,
Quality Education & Leadership Skills'. It is an outcome of the belief in Holistic Development Philosophy based on preparing youngsters & children to become self-sufficient & reliant by being equipped with requisite life skills so that they are ready to meet future challenges and emerge as
Transformational Leaders who are not only well employed but also practices the fundamental and human rights.
For the Sustainability & Scalability of the Vision & Belief – The Foundation Objects Qualitative Education as a tool which is much potent to eliminate Global Problems. Thus, as an approach of the same, the Social Initiatives revolves around attainment of Universal Primary Education for
Youngsters & Children in Slums & intensification of Youth Capacity Building for those in Schools, Colleges & Corporates.
People associated to the Foundation understands and values their responsibilities towards their own-selves & the people with whom they are sharing the planet. Embracing the same realization, they are working with Big Hopes & Big Actions for the fulfillment of Foundation’s Missions, Goals
and Programs which are aspired & aimed in a progression to sensitize people of their own awesomeness which is much capable to achieve the social changes everyone wants to see.
The Foundation also encourages the United Nation’s 4th Global Goal of Quality Education and strive for its best possible accomplishment with the selfless & wholehearted support of its Volunteers who are the driving force of its Undying Vision.