Red de Conservación Voluntaria de Amazonas

Chachapoyas, Peru, South America
We are a civil social conservation areas network.

Volunteering Activities

Agriculture Work
Web Work
Conservation Work
Women Empowerment

What We Need

Basically it is about helping civil conservation areas based on community and families initiatives, and the sister companies related with them.

When & Who

All the year.
01 month.

What we Provide


Between 1 - 3 meals in order of the agreement. Hosting and bedding in all cases.


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Contact Person

Jr. Piura 388 - Chachapoyas, Chachapoyas, Peru.
17% response rate

Other Ways to support us

Camp equipment.

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

We are one of the few active conservation organizations in the region that has been created and run by citizens of Amazonas. Our mission is to promote sustainable development through the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources in Amazonas based on the execution of collaborative projects and the exchange of experiences among the members of the network, as well as to provide support in the face of threats that affect, Jeopardize or prevent the achievement of the objectives for which they were created. Together we have presented and won our first projects through national funds (PRONANP, 2016) that have allowed us to improve the infrastructure of our initiatives (signs, trails and shelters). In addition to cooperating with the creation of new conservation areas, we have been promoting the articulation of eco-tourism projects and the sale of eco-products to generate financial sustainability. Through inter-institutional synergies generated with the Regional Government we have achieved a multisectoral and multidisciplinary approach of the civil society to the challenges, problems and opportunities around the conservation contributing to make visible the efforts of people and communities that until now lack incentives in spite of Their role as guarantors of biological diversity and important ecosystem services. Thus, the AMA Network includes 9 Private Conservation Areas (ACPs) managed by peasant communities and 6 ACPs managed by individuals or families that jointly protect more than 126,000 hectares of forest constituting the most extensive voluntary conservation initiative in Peru.