Regional Development Action Association

Siem Reap , Cambodia, South East Asia
We build happiness, peace and prosperity through education, social service and health care.

Volunteering Activities


What We Need

English studies
Computer studies
Sewing and craft
Elderly support
Community support

When & Who

every year we needed .
you can stay for long as you can

What we Provide


we provide the accommodation by you stay with people but no meal, no transportation

Our Fees

No fees

You pay yourself the meal, and transportation

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Siem Reap Cambodia, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

RDA's mantra is to, "Promote ultimate happiness, prosperity and peace." This will be done through social services and education. With our community based projects we can meet the needs of the needy, and help the helpless overcome poverty.
To give fairly and equitably to individuals and communities by promoting ultimate happiness, prosperity and peace through our activities which include:
Peace building
Social services
Health care
Human resource development.
We work in partnership with all stakeholders to actively improve and promote quality of life through:
Educational innovation
Health care and social services
Enterprise development.
To empower communities by reducing:
Illiteracy through providing education for all
Alleviating poverty
Reducing domestic violence and substance addiction and abuse
Health care promotion
Social environmental development.
Our objectives are:
For people in communities to have access to information and services related to family projects, social development and the vision of community helping community.
To sustain and support the social development strategy of the government and to realize its goals and
contribution to the reduction of poverty in society.
To sustain and support people in each community and to create initiatives that contribute to rural development.
To sustain social and moral support by reducing the act of domestic violence and drug abuse to preserve cultural treasures.
To support the development in other areas of communities in order to enhance the quality of life through education, health care promotion, social and environmental improvement.
To be a centre that provides services related to shared and exchanged experiences and knowledge, and to offer strategic family planning and social development.
Providing professional training to improve quality of life through strategic family planning, social and community projects, and health services.
Sourcing funds to support projects and scholarships to poor students and to provide professional training to communities.
Educating students, youth and the general population about morality and ethics, to enable them to contribute to reducing domestic violence in the family and community.
Training Buddhist monks, students, youth and the general population to preserve national and cultural treasures and to protect the natural environment.

Regional Development Action Association (RDA) was founded by Ven. Sothea Yon, a Cambodian citizen.
Sothea finished his higher education in Thailand and became a lecturer at the Mahachulalongkorn Univerity Ubon Ratchathani. While on a field trip around Cambodia his heart was filled with sadness upon seeing the suffering of his people; people who had no access to medical care or education; people who suffered from domestic violence, and elders without professional care. This affected him so much that he resigned from his position in Thailand, moved back to Cambodia and committed himself to breaking the cycle of poverty through education and youth empowerment. RDA provides education, health, and social services to the poorer communities in Siem Reap Province.
With his dedication to bring Cambodia out of poverty through creating a better society, social entrepreneurship is a vital component to bring about these changes. RDA provides youth with platforms for decision making and encouraging their active participation in creating societal change.