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Reproductive Advocate Health Education Ghana

Accra, Ghana, Africa

Reproductive Advocate Health Education Ghana (RAHE-GHANA) is a non -profit making organization established to undertake social and economic interventions that reduce vulnerability to poverty, disease, hunger and other famines situations,

What We Need

Teaching in one of our partner schools (any subject of your preferred choice), And we are also willing to accommodate you with any skills you may have. If you have an idea in which area you would like to volunteer you can also let us know and we will see if such an opportunity is available.
If you are interested in volunteering in the Health sector you will be able to work at a local hospital and help with consultations and basic health services
In addition, you will have time to explore this beautiful country and learn about its culture and language (while spending a lot less money than the normal tourist).
Why You Should Volunteer with Us?
Reproductive Advocate Health Education-Ghana (RAHE-GHANA) believe that volunteering is more than visting a country overseas. Volunteering gives you a nice experience that changes your everyday life as you discover new horizons involving exchanges with local communities and encounters with volunteers from all over the globe.

Important Facts:
• Project Location: Assin North, Assin Central and Awutu Senya in the Central Region of Ghana.
• Required Experience: Our volunteers do not need to have any specific skills, although interns in areas of medicine, environmental health, education, sanitation might need certain awareness about the topic's in some cases, we require a basic knowledge of English.
• Age Limit: 16 years and above.
• Project Duration Options: From one month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months and one year.
• Project State Dates: Rolling.
• Accommodation: Volunteers are accommodated at the Directors Home,
• Food: 3 meals a day taken at home and on the field and or at the office.
• Arrival: All volunteers will be picked from Kotoka international Airport in Accra. Visitors will meet our staff (name to be disclosed) at the airport.
• Journey: 3 hours journey to the project in Assin Central District in Central Region of Ghana, passing through Awutu senya East, North and Assin North District) and later Assin Wurakese. The journey though seemingly long is an interesting one visitors will enjoy nice vegetation, etc.
• Requests: Volunteers in coordination with our staff and driver can opt to make stop overs on the way to take photos, buy some eats or have rests.
• Clothing: Bring with you: gumboots, jackets, caps, cameras, own laptops, flat open shoes, and whatever they may render necessary.
• Vaccinations: Before departure, the volunteers will be informed about the health conditions in Ghana so that he/she is able to make an appointment with his/her doctor for immunisation. It’s important that volunteers be immunised several months before departure so that the vaccine is effective.

Below is a selection of active projects and programs that we need volunteers to help us with:
1. Teach English to our nursery classes
2. Sports and leadership
3. Literacy Promotion in Society
4. Medical project
5. Women Empowerment
6. Environmental conservation
7. Assistant administrative volunteer
8. Construction and renovation program
9. Health and hygiene
10. Youth outreach program
Volunteer's must have work ethics:
• Volunteer's will have to actively participate in the project.
• Volunteer's will need to have good interpersonal skills and able to work as a team member.
• Commits to respect internal rules of the organization.
• Commits to give all necessary information with attention to his /her needs.
• Volunteer's must choose a project that interests him/her in order for him or her to enjoy the stay.
• Its recommended that the volunteer's gets adequate information about Ghana and Central Region in particular where we are based.

Our team is readily available to answer any questions please email us: rheghana@gmail.com

Our Commitment to Volunteers:
1. Reproductive Advocate Health Education-Ghana (RAHE-GHANA) commits to meet the volunteers’ expectations and motivations by respecting their rights, cultures, beliefs, aspirations and their equal human dignity.
2. We commit to treat volunteers as fully-fledged member of our staff.
3. The host association commits itself to actively ask further information to the volunteer's before accepting his/her application.
4. Reproductive Advocate Health Education-Ghana (RAHE-GHANA) commits itself to be available by phone and or Skype to participate to conferences with the applicants if they request it.
5. Reproductive Advocate Health Education-Ghana (RAHE-GHANA) will ensure financial transparency for the participation fees where volunteers are expected to pay.
6. When volunteers arrive in Ghana, an integration session will be organised to present the local environment and culture, the hosting structure, the internal regulations and the safety instructions.
7. Reproductive Advocate Health Education-Ghana (RAHE-GHANA) commits itself to define as precisely as possible the schedule and tasks that need to be done.

Volunteer Participation Fees:
Knowing that we work with poor communities, it’s important that a volunteer's make a contribution on the many expenses involved in realising quality volunteer's and intern's experience.

Program Fees:
• First Month (First 4 weeks): USD $800
• Additional weeks after the first month USD $150 per week

Fees Include:
• Compensation to the host family
• 3 meals per day
• Utility bills
• Orientation costs involving tours to nearby leisure parks.
• Internet use
• Project support
• A day in the city touring around

Fees Do Not Include:
• Insurance both travel and medical
• Flights
• Visas
• Personal Expenses
• Vaccinations

Do you have any questions? Please Contact:rheghana@gmail.com

When & Who

We need volunteers anytime of the year, because there is always something for them to be doing.
1 week is the minimum stay duration. -And maximum stay is 3 months and above

What we Provide

Food & Drink Details

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in your program fee. Food at the house is a mixture of western and African meals, so you can expect dishes like rice and beans, chicken curry, vegetable/beef burgers with chips, sausages and mash, lentils and chapatti and a variety of other dishes. Breakfast tends to be based around bread, condiments, tea, coffee and either fruit, eggs or pancakes.

Our Fees

Volunteers will contribute some expenses during their stay . For food and accommodation Volunteers will contribute $200 per week. Airport pickup will cost $ 50 only one way. (Return back to the airport will costs $50.
We do have a private transport if needed

Contact Person

Rimmy Francis Amakye
P. O. Box KN 6026 Kaneshie Accra Ghana, Accra, Ghana.

Other Ways to Help

Logo and Graphic Design
Create/Update our Website
Social Media Help
Grant Writing

Unlock a child’s potential by sponsoring a child.
A child has been waiting for someone just like you. Young girls and boys who grow up in extreme poverty are living in a dangerous world filled with disease, hunger, violence and fear. Sponsoring a child is one of the best, most proven ways to help a child esc

Reproductive Advocate Health Education-Ghana (RAHE-GHANA) Welcomes online volunteering on the following key areas below:-
- We are looking for a volunteer to enhance and maintain our website on an ongoing basis. You should have webs.com experience and a passion for our cause.
Work includes content additions/deletions/changes, format updates, creation of new pages, search engine optimization, improvement of imagery, etc.
Basic maintenance work should not exceed 5 hours per month. There may also be small projects. "If interested, contact us."

- The Social Media Coordinator increases the flow of traffic to social media platforms through an effective social media strategy and regular social media outreach. This role utilizes marketing expertise to promote Reproductive Advocate Health Education-Ghana (RAHE-GHANA)) mission.

- RAHE-GHANA) is currently recruiting Online volunteers who can be based in their countries of residence but connected to to the organisation with access to full information and documentation to raise funds and network with other organisations around the world using the internet. Volunteers will particularly get guidelines and instructions from RAHE-GHANA management on their individual focus. Each of the volunteers will focus on either health, environment, human rights, education, vocational training or women empowerment projects. Each online volunteer will be provided with an authorization letter, name included as part of our team members, an official email address and a certificate of effective service at the end.
Contact us if you’re interested.

RAHE GHANA wishlist are as follows:
The following is a list of common gifts-in-kind needs of our programs.
Educational Materials
Back Packs
School Supplies
Pens, Pencils, Notebooks
Encyclopedia collection
Books in good condition for resident library. (New titles and the classics are greatly appreciated).
New or used van (in good condition. To help move families from transitional housing into their new apartments and to take children on escorted trips

General Items
Washing Detergent
Board Games for all ages
35-mm camera
Live Plants or Flowers
Original Paintings or Framed Art Work
Toys for all ages (infants, pre-schooler , dolls, stuffed animals, toy trucks, etc.)
Social Activities
Gift Baskets
Theatres tickets
Shopping Sprees
Vacation Getaways
Amusement Park tickets
Restaurant Gift certificates
Make-over or Health Spa treat.
Personal Care Supplies
Hand & Body lotion
Bar Soap
First Aid Kit
Tampons & Sanitary Pads
Baby Wipes
Baby Oil
Baby Powder
Hair Gel/Grease
Hair Brushes
Professional Services
Grant Writers
Fund-raising professionals

Additional Info about Us

10 to 20 people

GOAL OF Reproductive Advocate Health Education-Ghana (RAHE-GHANA).
Our ultimate goal is to focus on improving the quality of health services and practices, concentrating on addressing the root causes of poverty and Gender Based Violence in the households and communities ,promoting equality and equity ,socio-economic empowerment of rural communities and improvement of the standards of living among all the vulnerable and marginalized groups through provision of income generating activities and Livelihood projects, while notably to deepen the Gospel Propagation of Jesus Christ and engagement of the entire segments of the population and stakeholders to ensure the promotion and protection of the inherent fundamental human rights.

Reproductive Advocate Health Education-Ghana Main Programme Areas.
RAHE-GHANA operates along six broad programme areas. These are: -
a) Public Health.
b) Education.
c) Agricultural Development.
d) Human Rights and Social Justice.
e) Evangelism & Inter-Church Consensus.
f) Monitoring & Evaluation, Advocacy, Research and Information.
Geographical Scope of RAHE-GHANA and Target Groups.
Reproductive Advocate Health Education-Ghana over the last Two years has been operating within parts of the Central Region covering Three districts (Assin North, Ga South and Awutu Senya ) where our activities and operations are concentrated. However, if funds become available we intend to reach out to other regions in Ghana..
The Head Office of the Organisation:
Reproductive Advocate Health Education-Ghana (RAHE-GHANA) is located in 312/15 Congo Villa Ofankor Bojuase Road Kasoa. In the Central Region of Ghana.

Specific Target Groups of RAHE-GHANA Programmes and Projects.

Our direct target groups in all the districts include the several clusters of indigenous communities as well as several distressed peasant farming communities. The key targeted groups include vulnerable children, the disabled persons, Youth both out of school and the unschooled, People living with HIV and AIDS (PHAs), the elderly persons, women heading families, widows and other specialized groups like the deaf, the blind, street children, children working under exploitative and hazardous conditions and young prostitutes.

Others include Grassroots Units as the Direct Beneficiaries.
Grassroots units who are often the direct beneficiaries of RAHE-GHANA activities include whole village communities led by their local community leaders, elders represented by the Parish Development Committees (PDCs) and community peer educators.

Other direct beneficiaries include community based organized groups such as women’s groups, village production groups (small-scale farmers- agro-processors, food marketers and market women), church groups, youth groups and children. Community project leaders most often elected by the project communities and trained by RAHE-GHANA liaise between local project managers and the community in order to ensure that proje

Reproductive Advocate Health Education-Ghana abbreviated (RAHE-GHANA) is an independent Non-Profit development organization established in December 2014 with its head Office in Awutu Senya district in the Central Region of Ghana.

Reproductive Advocate Health Education-Ghana is established to undertake social and economic interventions that reduce vulnerability to poverty, disease, hunger and other famines situations, and to contribute to creation of social systems that promote peace, human welfare and the sustainability of the environment on which life depends, including promotion and protection of fundamental human rights in its geographical areas of mandate.

Our portfolio of work is based on the values motivation and obligation towards building the ability of individuals and communities to draw on a range of assets to effect change, particularly in rural and urban areas where livelihoods depend entirely on the sustainable use of natural resources.

Vision. A society in which the local population is empowered to equitable access to the whole spectrum of quality social services.

Mission: Is to work in a holistic manner towards improvement in the quality of life through interventions that reduce vulnerability to illiteracy, ignorance, poverty, disease, hunger and gross abuse of human rights.

Our Core Values:
 Paramount is the people we serve. To act with passion for the poor, the disadvantaged and the vulnerable, while upholding credibility and professionalism.
 Reproductive Advocate Health Education-Ghana (RAHE-GHANA), seeks to create an operating culture based on open and honest dialogue, team-working and collective decision-making.

 We value the knowledge and experience of our colleagues and institutional allies around the world and seek always to ensure that their ideas are accommodated in our decision-making processes.

 The organization, seeks always to be flexible and adaptable, responding quickly to changing circumstances and learning from practice.

 We will make every effort to capture what we learn from others, both what works and what doesn't in order to enhance our own knowledge and understanding, and to share this with others.

RAHE-GHANA broad objectives are to:

 Achieve social and economic development and improved quality of life for poor and disadvantaged rural households and communities with emphasis on women and children, youth, the elderly, the disabled persons, vulnerable children within RAHE-GHANA geographical scope of operation.

 Promote and provide access to quality non-formal and formal basic education for children and school dropouts within deprived rural communities and by that, contributing to bridging the urban-rural gaps in basic education in Awutu Senya sub-region and also as long-term means to poverty reduction.

 Strengthen the capacity of small-scale farmers and households in value added agro-enterprise Technologies for increased income, improved nutrition, food security, availability and strength of seed chain.

 To increase access to safe and clean drinking water and sanitation so as to ultimately reduce water related and fecal-based diseases.

 To affirm the enduring values of peace, social justice and human dignity and integrity in settings where these values are not always taken for granted.

 To improve the health conditions of communities through elimination of health hazards in the environment that lead to untimely death among child


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