Restoration Works International

We are a non-profit that uses volunteer tourism to restore cultural heritage sites alongside communities around the world, advancing sustainable development, cross-cultural understanding and celebration of their cultures and histories.
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PO Box 6803, Albany, CA 94706, USA, Albany, United States.

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We believe that communities prosper through preservation and renewal of their historic sites.

We believe that by bringing people of different cultures together to restore these historic sites, we can help communities in developing countries achieve economic benefits.

We believe that rebuilding, renewing and protecting cultural heritage advances sustainable development, provides opportunities for cross-cultural understanding and helps communities proudly celebrate their unique place in the world.

We believe in the value of work as the universal language that connects an individual’s commitment to a group effort, benefiting the larger community.

We use national and international volunteer tourism as the catalyst for our mission to help communities around the world protect their cultural heritage sites and prosper through preservation and renewal of their history.

When you join a Restoration Works International project, you can be assured that at least 90% of your donation stays in-country, circulating within the local economy. More than 80% your fee goes directly to the project, paying for costs that include local staff wages, building materials, and supplies and more.