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Richmond Vale Academy is a non for profit based in one of the poorest nations in the Caribbean. At Richmond Vale Academy we believe that poverty is the biggest social problem of our time and by joining together we can make the World a better place for all.


1. FIGHTING WITH THE POOR 18 months - with Service Period in Latin America.
FOCUS: In this program you have the chance to complete an A-certificate
with One World University - 1500 study hours/60 credits while working side-by-side with poverty stricken Latin Americans and Eastern Caribbean to create a better life.
FOCUS: Organic Farming, run environment clubs, study and teach
sustainable living in St. Vincent. The Conference is a 10 year standing
conference in making St. Vincent Climate Compliant in the areas of food,
disaster and energy security.

The 18 months FWP programs start April and October,
The 6 Months Climate programs start March, July and November.
The 1 Month programs start March, July and November.

1 Month


3 meals a day. Accommodation with shared bathrooms.
Excursions and hikes into the communities and nature of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

2800 USD for the 6 months program and 5400 USD for the 18 months program. Room and board is included.


Document Translation
Grant Writing

We are always looking for new places to add our programs world wide.
We apply for grants to do the projects so we need people to rewrite to the appropriate language.

Mission Statement
By educating people from St. Vincent and the rest of the world, Richmond Vale Academy aims to build the capacity, knowledge and confidence in its’ students. By achieving personal growth and development, future leaders of St. Vincent and of the world will take action for a more just and more sustainable world.

We are running two programs:
An 18 months program with 6 months studies with One World University, 6 months’ service period in Belize and Ecuador and 6 months Journal. A-Certificate at the end of the program.
1- 6 months Climate Compliance programs with Organic farming and permaculture, recycling, tree planting, research and work with the communities. Climate Compliant means food and water secure, co 2 neutral and ready for disaster.

10 to 20 people


Chateaubelair, St. Davids, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Westindies., Chateaubelair, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

There is no doubt that Climate Change will hit poor countries the hardest.
Saint Vincent is one of the poorer island nations in the Caribbean and one of the world's most disaster prone countries.

Global Warming means longer periods without rain. Only 7% of the farms in St. Vincent have irrigation systems. Water reservoirs and grey water systems need to be built and water conservation measures need to be taken to secure food production in the future.

Climate Change means more flooding and hurricanes. In 2014 extreme weather hit St. Vincent and left thousands without public water, with heavy destruction of roads, bridges and houses and left hundreds in shelters. The damages from 2014 disasters alone equaled 17% of the small developing island nation’s GDP.

Climate Activists with Richmond Vale Academy stand side by side with the poor and plant trees to prevent landslides, keep rivers and drains clear to prevent flooding, start organic back yard gardens to promote food security and teach people how to be more prepared for Climate change.

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