NAIROBI, Kenya, Africa
We are a community education center providing children with education from pre school to std 6.
we are based in the village and we have challenges in our community.

Volunteering Activities

Web Work

What We Need

fundraising,web development ,teaching and community visitation of the children families in the village.

When & Who

we need the international volunteer immediately.
one month.

What we Provide


meals ,accommodation ,internet services and transport which is internal.


Our Fees

No fees

$ 700 and this will cater for accommodation,food,internet ,internal transport .
this contribution will help support the project activities because we currently don't have funding.

No Reviews

No reviews yet.

Contact Person

P O BOX 1132-00511 ongata rongai ,kenya., NAIROBI, Kenya.

Other Ways to support us

Mattress,books,cash donations ,t shirts,plates and international volunteers,cement,ballast,iron sheets ,nails,paints,brush and ropes.

Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

we have six classroom ,very few desks,inadequate books,no water tank inadequate food supply and school fees for the children is lacking.
Our class rooms are not good and the children are coming from the villages where they are staying with guardians.
these are very needy children who need support and attention.

Our school need desk for the children,books,support for teachers,good classrooms,mattresses for children,utensils,uniforms,shoes and fees for the children from poor families.
in the future we shall need land for development in the community.
HIV/aids and rug abuse ,school drop out is major problem.
we shall be happy if you can connect us with volunteers who can help in one way or the other.
women and guardians also need some support in microfiche to develop themselves and being sustainable.