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ROLE Foudation is always looking for talented and ambitious volunteers and interns to join our team. If you’re passionate, articulate, and ready to better the world, join us!

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3 months


We provide lunch to every staff.


About ROLE Foundation.
Founded in 2007, ROLE Foundation was created to stop land-based waste from getting into the oceans, and help create sustainable jobs to protect the livelihoods of coastal communities. Through ROLE‟s campus we provide education, and skills training programs and grassroots community assistance to alleviate poverty and ensure environmental sustainability.

Why We Need to Act?
Indonesia produces around 64 million tons of waste per year. Approximately 50% of this reaches landfill sites, the rest is either burned or illegally dumped and flows into the ocean. This massive volume of waste is now covering Australia‟s northern beaches. A high percentage of Indonesia‟s population is not aware of the damage done to the environment everyday and the resulting consequences. Due to a lack of education on these matters, sustainable behavior is not yet in the mindset of the general public. Up to 75% of Bali‟s garbage is not collected by official services. There are only five legal garbage dumps on the whole island. Because it is so far to transport waste, 50% of it is dumped. Makeshift rubbish dumps are everywhere due to poor governance.

ROLE Foundation is currently constructing a 1300m2 Zero Waste to Oceans Education Centre. This will demonstrate machinery and systems that can recycle or use 98% of all waste. Organic, non-recyclables, and recyclables will be separated and converted into materials beneficial for everyday life. This site will also promote sustainable business such as producing of natural dyes, organic cotton weaving, and soap recycling.

Completed Projects:
1. Since 2007, 6,429 children have gone through our Children Healthy Environment Interactive Training program
2. We have completed; Permaculture Training at the Kerobokan Jail; the Sawangan Waste Management Pilot Project; Padang Padang Shipwreck Cleanup; Eco Surf Rescue Uluwatu; Built and Implemented Waste Management Systems into Ngis Village and Komala Village
3. We have trained 31 Environmental Ambassadors

10 to 20 people

Jl. Siligita 22, Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia., Denpasar, Indonesia.

Our vision is having clean oceans free of land-based waste and sustainable businesses for coastal communities.


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