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Patrick Barasa
PO BOX 12006-20100 NAKURU,KENYA, Nairobi, Kenya.


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10 to 20 people

training, developing proposals, attending organization meeting

Running Water Community Based Organization was formed in the year 2011 but was officially registered as a Community Based organization in the year 2016 under the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Services with the office of the Sub county Social Development Officer (SCSDO) as a Community Based Organization(CBO)
It started off small in the beginning with some of its directors being members of self help groups formed in Rongai District, Nakuru county with the main objective of promoting the development of women, youth and the general community by empowering and strengthening their efforts to build self reliance in agriculture, healthcare, economic activities, environmental issues as well as conflict resolution and peace building.
By their constant interactions in their various groups they were able to extensively cover the youth and women at grassroots level who were the heavily marginalized groups of society but had the power to overcome their struggles if only they were provided with the initiatives for development through awareness on social and economic efforts.
Running water International is a pioneering organization with its efforts in bringing together research organizations in the field of agriculture, environment, water and sanitation, human rights and governance with small scale farmers comprising of youth, women, people living with disabilities and communities with an aim of achieving sustainable development while supporting environmental conservation efforts.

1. Water & Sanitation
2. Agriculture
3. Environmental Conservation
4. Sustainable energy through use of solar energy and use solar water pumps to access water.
5. Gender and Youth
6. Human rights & Governance
7. Peace Building & Conflict resolution