KURNOOL, India, South Asia
RAIDS realizes and understands that the development of rural population and areas, where our nation’s potency lies, is possible through people’s participation and leadership only. For, there dwells the very culture, harmony, resources, outright and intransigent working force, indigenous eco-friendly techniques and many more. They are the people who feed us and our nation! Strengthening and empowering them will indubitably be of an invaluable commonality for a wide developmental impact on every realm. And the claim of developments in any realm wouldn’t be successful san development initiatives among rural areas and population and their involvement.
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Our mission is to work with comprehensive and integrated interventions for the holistic development of the rural poor, disadvantaged, handicapped and Dalit people and communities to make them capable to have their own mechanisms for socio-economic-educational-life basics development and to work for a balanced environment.
We visualize a society in which every human being enjoy better development accesses without any separation or segregation on gender, caste, creed, colour, religion or any of such and every living life enjoys rights and a sound and balanced environment.

RAIDS is a collective effort and culmination of a group of dedicated and experienced social activists’ vision of a rural common platform for partnership and accordance towards development. For, it understands that the rural areas’ holistic development in all realms is possible through common exertion only. Hence RAIDS gives utmost priority to ensuring rural people’s participation and exertion for their own development. In order to promote active and operational participatory aspects, RAIDS adopts and initiates a variety of interventions and programmes in rural areas, where its founding members have working experience of 5 to 16 years in the areas of Child Development, Panchayathi Raj, Natural Resource Management, Forestry and Livelihood Rights of PTGs, Rights of Dalits, Animal Welfare, Women Development, Research & Documentation in rural issues and livelihoods, Child Welfare & Rights, Agriculture, Education, Rural Cottage Industries etc. RAIDS also plans to initiate various activities for the protection and development of forest resources and livelihoods initiatives of the forest depending communities. For, one of the main perhaps the main issue, the world faces today is of the environmental changes only. Depletion of forest resources and ecological changes pose by the wayward activities of human beings and many realms causes serious and pernicious threat to the existence of mankind and living things and more over to the world. RAIDS through various activities tries its level best to contribute to the environmental protection at locally. Bio-diversity and animal welfare & stopping cruelty to animals with rehabilitation efforts are RAIDS’ major concerns too. RAIDS also earnestly maneuvers its focuses on the agricultural initiatives for the rural agro-communities who feed us and our nation towards an arable standard and ambiance. RAIDS also confers much attention for the rural health and sanitary measures, livelihoods and infrastructural developments. It closely works with the line departments for the same conducting awareness creation and affordable level services and activities. Another innovative strategy and theme of RAIDS is of rural income generation programmes it designed. It has various income generation activities/items suitable and affordable for the rural people in general and in particular for CBOs (Women) with low investments and significant and promising high returns. Through the targeted/focused interventions and programmes and capacity buildings, RAIDS plans to create a rural phalanx that is self-reliant with inextinguishable thirst for ascent enjoying their Rights. RAIDS closely works with Ministry of Environment/Youth Affairs, Woman & Child etc, Human Rights Commission, NCW, DWMA, AHD, MoEF Govt. of India, CRF-Kurnool, SVSS, UNIDO, RPD, VAN, COVA etc.