Kasese, Uganda, Africa

We are a charity organisation working in health and Youth Empowement

Volunteering Activities

Agriculture Work
Conservation Work
Social Work
Web Work
Women Empowerment

What We Need

1- Teaching young mothers to grow and manage vegetables for nutrition
2- Assist and train local staff on web management
3-Work and train local communities to adapt to climate change and using Renewable Energy at Household
4- Support local staff to carry on fundraising events and developing project proposals
5-Work in the medical clinic and provide community outreach program on Family Planning, Reproductive health, HIV/AIDS. (PHE - Population Health and Environment)
6- Train women and Youth to demand their Health rights.
7-Support rural communities to raise sustainable income in their families.

When & Who

Any time of the year
3 months

What we Provide


Local food & sharing with a family plus Simple (average) accommodation in family setting ( private room is provided)


Local Food, from own farm and from local market.

Hot Water
First Aid

Our Fees



No reviews yet.

More Services we Offer

May have additional fees
Pretrip Assistance
Social Activities

Mt. hiking, sharing and participating in culture events.

Contact Person

Baita Francis - Director
Kasese - Bwera Road, PO BOX 263, Kasese, Uganda, Kasese, Uganda.

Other Ways to Help

Volunteers are trained to collect food from the garden and trained on traditional local food cooking.

Medical supplies, vegetable seeds, Laptop, Sawing machines, hand carpentry tools, farm tools, Tailoring tools, craft making tools, knighting tools.

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

Medical Nurse - Responsible for patient care and treatment at the project clinic.
Cashier-Responsible for financial records
Gardener- Work on the farm and look after vegetables, chicken, Turkeys, pigs, rabbits and goats


Volunteers will participate in kitchen work, may attend church service with host and be ready to stay in a rural area.

No. change of Volunteer activities as regards to season.

Rural Family Care was founded in October 2011, and is managing a social business of a medical center and provides skill training to the young people with a focus on Young Mothers. The organisation is rural based but accessible by road. The organisation has a board of seven persons (2 Female and Five male), the board is drawn from different professional disciplines.

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