Rwenzori Rural Health Services

Kampala, Uganda, Africa
Rwenzori Rural Health Services, is a community based organization founded to contribute towards raising the living standards of the rural communities by extending health care services near to the people.

Online Volunteering

Below is a list of online tasks we would love help with!
Design a brochure/report 10 - 15 hours
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Content Writing
Write a funding grant proposal 10 - 15 hours
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Research & recommend funding options 30 - 40 hours
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Web Work
Update our website Ongoing
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Contact Person

Kiima T.Charles
Umoja Village, Kasese District Uganda- East Africa., Kampala, Uganda.

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Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

work in a medical clinic
work in social services like water access -services, and mass health education.

Communities in the Rukoki Sub County of Kasese District suffer from low health outcomes, poor access to clean water and the absence of infant and maternal health education. Because these communities are in an isolated area, residents have access to very few resources.
RRHS has undergone an extensive strategic planning process in an effort to better address the needs of the community, identify areas of importance and improve service delivery. Additionally, a community needs assessment was conducted. This strategic plan serves as a living document and outlines the RRHS objectives for the 2016-2018. Recognizing that RRHS is still a growing organization, objectives have been developed with careful consideration of organizational capacity
we have the strategic plan in place and can be shared.