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Sadhana Forest Haiti

Creating long-term food security through reforestation

Anse-a-Pitre, Haiti, The Caribbean

Sadhana Forest Haiti is offering work exchange, volunteer, internship, and study abroad opportunities in the fields of reforestation, sustainable living, ecology, and conservation. You are most welcome to volunteer at Sadhana Forest Haiti at any time!

Volunteering Activities

Closest City: Anse-à-Pitres (0.0KM)

What We Need

Our main project is reforestation. Volunteer activities include training local people in appropriate tree planting and tree care techniques as well as planting food-producing trees with them around their homes. Additionally, volunteers implement water conservation techniques, work in the tree nursery, cook meals, clean, and maintain the camp. Be prepared to work hard and chip in wherever you are needed!

When & Who

All year round
Yes, we require a minimum of 2 Weeks
Although the minimum stay asked of volunteers is two weeks, we strongly suggest staying longer in order to enhance your experience and truly understand what sustainable living is about. If staying 3 weeks or more is not an option for you because of school or another serious commitment, please explain this to us and we will attempt to work something out with your schedule.

What we Provide

Volunteer House

We have communal 100% vegan meals.

First Aid
Purified Drinking Water

Our Fees


We are a non-profit, non-business ecological and humanitarian project that does not generate any income. Therefore, we, unfortunately, cannot afford to provide free food for volunteers. We ask for a food contribution equal to $6.00 USD per day from those that can afford it. This food contribution is only used for food and helps to support your cost of food plus the shared food costs of long-term volunteers who live here without an income.

More Services we Offer

May have additional fees

We have limited Wi-Fi for use in the community. It is not possible to download, but you can check emails and carry out web browsing for research on the limited service that we have. We can switch on the Wi-Fi for an hour or two in the evening if you request it. You will need to bring your own device to use it. We suggest bringing a small tablet or Wi-Fi capable phone device as we do not have a large secure storage space for laptops. If you do not wish to bring any electronics but still wish to use the Internet there is a small Internet cafe in Pedernales about 20 minutes away.

Contact Person

Arjun Sitaram
Sadhana Forest Haiti Kay Mer Lasaline, Anse-a-Pitre Haiti, Anse-a-Pitre, Haiti.
98% response rate , 83 hour(s) response time.

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

Our experience with volunteers has been very positive. Volunteers from all over the world create a dynamic community atmosphere. Living together and sharing brings us in harmony with nature and with ourselves. We are a close-knit community that shares the daily tasks necessary to the project’s success. As one of our volunteers put it very nicely in her letter to us when she left, “May there be many forests to grow people”.

Sadhana Forest Haiti is a volunteer-based project aiming to create long-term food security for the area of Anse-à-Pitres, in Southeastern Haiti. This is achieved by planting indigenous food-growing trees with the local population. The project was founded in April 2010 by Sadhana Forest India. We practice an eco-friendly way of life including whole-food veganism, alternative construction, solar energy, biodegradable cleaning products, and compost toilets. We aim to be a zero waste community.


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