Sadhana Forest India

Auroville, India, South Asia
We are a local non-profit located in the unique village of Auroville. Our main projects revolve around the reforestation of 70 acres of severely eroded land and the creation of a tropical dry evergreen forest that is unique to this part of the world.

Volunteering Activities

Agriculture Work
Animal Care
Conservation Work

What We Need

Volunteers mainly plant, mulch, and water trees during the season, work on water conservation in the forest and around the community, cook, clean, maintain the community area, and spend time with local and community kids.

When & Who

We warmly welcome volunteers any time of the year, and always have available space for them. We are fully committed to accepting everyone who wishes to volunteer here and help us create the forest. Please plan your trip so that you arrive on any day between 9 am and 5 pm.
Yes, we require a minimum of 1 Month
The minimum stay is 4 weeks from December 1st to March 31st and 2 weeks from April 1st to November 30th. We are also very interested in long term volunteers/interns staying with us for a period of six months or longer.
Individuals, Family with Kids, Groups, Retirees, Disabled

What we Provide

Types: Volunteer House

Accommodation for volunteers is in exchange for a 25 hour work week, 5 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Types: Vegan

This is a 100% vegan environment, so we ask volunteers not to bring or eat any non-vegan food in the forest. A vegan is a person who does not consume any animal products as food. Vegans do not eat meat, fish, eggs, dairy (milk) products, honey, or any other animal products. As vegans we aim to reduce animal suffering, move towards a more sustainable and rational use of land resources, and reduce the high level of “greenhouse gases” produced by vast numbers of farm animals.

Wifi & Satellite
Swimming Pool

Our Fees

$9 daily

This is a nonprofit ecological project that does not generate any income. Therefore, we cannot provide free food for volunteers. We have communal vegan organic meals. We all equally share the cost of the organic food ingredients we purchase. The total cost of food per person (including 3 meals a day) is 600 Indian Rupees per day (just under $9 USD).

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More Services we Offer

May have additional fees
Pick Up/Drop Off
Social Activities

Free facilities for volunteers include a small swimming pool, free 24/7 unlimited access to the Internet with your own device, four hours each day of AC power to charge electrical equipment, a small collection of books, the use of several bicycles, and a playground for children. There are also daily workshops offered that are run by our volunteers and vary each week and can be anything from yoga, to Capoeira, to non-violent communication, to arts and crafts, and much much more!

Contact Person

Brandon Quinn
Auroville 605101 Tamil Nadu India, Auroville, India.
94% response rate , 28 hour(s) response time.

Other Ways to support us

Volunteering for the day

Come at 6AM or 8.30AM and volunteer with us for one day. Accommodation is not provided for one day volunteers.

Additional Info about Us

10 to 20 people

We look forward to welcoming you to Sadhana Forest soon!

Our main project is the reforestation of 70 acres of severely eroded land. We are working to re-create the tropical dry evergreen forest indigenous to our area. This forest type is found only in Southern India and Sri Lanka and provides a rare biological richness due to its very high species abundance (over 1000 species of trees, shrubbery and liana). The tropical dry evergreen forest is now close to total extinction as only 0.01% survives. This is a last moment effort to keep this very rich and beautiful forest on earth. As part of our reforestation effort we are also working on water conservation and soil management.

We practice an eco-friendly way of life including veganism, alternative construction, solar energy, biodegradable toiletries, and compost toilets.

Volunteers mainly plant, mulch and water trees, according to season.

Volunteers should not smoke cigarettes, use drugs, or drink alcohol during the entire time of their stay. Only come when this is a realistic lifestyle for you.

Looking forward to welcoming you!

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