SEED-Sierra Leone

Bo City, Sierra Leone, Africa
We are non-Governmental Organisation operating in Sierra Leone to support vulnerable women and youth through economic empowerment.
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6 Blackie Drive, Bo Town, Bo City, Sierra Leone.

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Supporting Entrepreneurship and Economic Development Sierra Leone {SEED-SL} is a non-for-profit and non-governmental organization formed in 2009 to create economic partnerships with the poor, through innovative assistance for entrepreneurship

Post conflict Sierra Leone is battling with unemployment and illiteracy, social injustice, an inappropriate and inadequate educational system, a beleaguered and depressed economy. In addition to the grossly inadequate basic livelihood supporting facilities, the youths and women continue to be victims of an exploitative socio-political establishment at all fronts. The majority of population looks up to the public sector for solutions to these deplorable poverty situations. The private sector remains highly underdeveloped; the number of viable local initiatives to tackle these problems also remains small.

It is against this background that this organization is formed; as a local initiative, it is to supplement both local and international efforts in fighting poverty in Sierra Leone. It is also to complement the efforts of government in dealing with structural issues that are responsible for the very slow pace in the restoration of the physical, economic, political and socio-cultural development of post conflict Sierra Leone.