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Weija - Accra, Ghana, Africa
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Social work/community development

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All time

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SASO provide transportation to work place and accommodation.

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Free but responsible for his/her stay.


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Moses Soka
P. O. Box MP 3316, Mamprobi - Accra, Weija - Accra, Ghana.

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10 to 20 people

SASO is also affiliated with SMK University of Applied Social Sciences, Lithuania on entrepreneurship development to build capacity/youth workers competence (Strengthening Sub-Saharan Youth Career Paths).

Service Awareness Support Organization (SASO) is an educational platform, created By European & Ghanaian Youth Volunteers, to inspire less privilege people particularly (youth & children) on their social and economic issues. To empower themselves to be agent of change in their own lives and that of their neighbours (persons with disabilities & Aged etc) through rehabilitation and development co-operation, inter-culture exchange, with the provision of financial literacy to poor families & communities to learn about social responsibilities among formal and non-formal educated persons in humble communities of Ghana.
SASO started 2009 and official recognized in 2012 by Dept of social welfare and others.

 To provide direct support for neglected children and youth.
 To provide equal opportunity for both Disable and Able Women and Children.
 To provide humanitarian services to deprived communities.
 To help poor parents & families to utilized the resources available to them.
 To create opportunity for both giver and the receiver for better growth.
 To promote education, health’s care for women and children.

SASO Goals
 To improve the socio economic situation through capacity building.
 To educate the beneficiary on social responsibility.
 To improve the extreme poverty through self-help project and skill training + environmental protection.
 To involve non-formal educated traditional leaders in the working communities on decisions about their own generations.

 Making our humble society fit for positive changed.
 Making the youth responsible to take destiny into their hands in a positive way.
 We poise to use all means to improve the environment to be habitable by all.
 We poise to learn how to learn and teach fishing than given fish.

Areas of operation
SASO operates in very poor communities both rural and urban slums that lack education, health care, access road and above all where the inhabitants live less than 2 dollars a day.

SASO runs the following programmes:

DAY SHELTER /rehabilitation
A drop in- centre where everybody can visit irrespective of their physical, economic, social background for support and care.

Also special attention is given to people with disability (PWD) and aged who are being neglected for one reason or the other as well as neglected sick person through home visiting for support.

SASO runs several Literacy Classes for the following:-
 Full time classes for out of school children.
 Part time classes for working children.
 Financial Literacy for single parents.
 Rehabilitation for Children with thinking difficulties
 ICT is used as a tool to win the interest of the children.

As a way of addressing the social needs of the deprived communities and families, SASO poise to encourage skill training to particularly uneducated young girls in our rural villages to take destiny to their own hands and acquired skills. SASO organizes skill training through involvement of foreign institution on skill training (volunteer placement), therefore skill training for single mothers, youth and Youngsters are enhanced.
To Improved socio-economic, psychological and physical needs of the destitute in society, SASO organizes Financial Literacy, Durbars, Seminars and general Outreach for poor.