Set her free

Kampala, Uganda, Africa
Set Her Free equips Uganda’s most vulnerable young women with the knowledge and skills that they need to lead self-determined lives, forever breaking the cycle of poverty.

Volunteering Activities

Social Work
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Women Empowerment

What We Need

Position Overview

The goal of the Communication, Fundraising and Development Officer will primarily assist SHF in its fundraising efforts. This will involve proposal writing, profiling the organization to prospective donors through meetings, and other fora. The Officer will be expected to actively participate in the development of SHF advocacy and communications strategy and resource mobilization strategy documents. The volunteer will work with both programs and finance teams as required.

• Develop and implement a fundraising strategy and plan, in line with the strategic objectives of the organization
• Research funding and partnership opportunities and share them with program teams and SHF board/management
• Develop fundable concept papers and proposals across SHF programs
• Liaise with management to build local and international strategic partnerships for SHF
• Participate in SHF's resource mobilization initiatives, which include, but are not limited to: concept development, proposal writing, and donor communication
• Direct capacity building for SHF staff and partners in proposal development and resource mobilization skills
• Support, when possible, the fundraising initiatives of the organization
• Any other roles that may be necessary from time to time
Desired Skills and Experience
• Bachelor’s degree in social sciences, project management, business or public administration, or related fields*
• Ability to write and organize grants*
• Self-starter with a commitment to learning*
• Excellent collaborator; ability to inspire and mobilize others*
• Fundraising or resource mobilization experience
• Team player

When & Who

Year Round
Recommend a minimum stay of 6 months in order for volunteers to deepen their experience and to be able to work on a complete project. Long term volunteers - 1 year or more. Implement new projects, work in our centers.

What we Provide


We provide meals during working hours and also transport to work related places. Internet will also be provided each month


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Contact Person

Robinah Sarah
Kawempe - Mbogo Road, Kampala, Uganda.
60% response rate , 87 hour(s) response time.

Other Ways to support us

Laptops, clothes, shoes, books, pens, pencils, toothpaste, sanitary pads. Items suitable for empowering young girls ages 14-18 years. Toys suitable for children ages 3-13 years.

Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

Who We Are
Set Her Free (SHF) is a registered Non-Government Organization, Registration Number 10843, which is working to restore the lives of vulnerable young women leaving their rural homes behind in search of work in Kampala. Without skills and money, these young girls are very vulnerable to harsh employment conditions that are often a modern form of slavery or worse the sex trade. We take on as many as we can every six months and train them for employment.