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Bangalore, India, South Asia
Unnati, an initiative of SGBS Trust, was started in Oct 2003 with the purpose of enabling underprivileged, unemployed youth to get employed.

Volunteering Activities

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What We Need

Unnati Centre provides you with an opportunity to volunteer your time and your skills in varied ways.Volunteering activity could be aligned in a mutually befitting manner, based on your (committed) bandwidth and skill-sets.

Volunteering could be at an individual level or on a collective basis. Unnati is what it is today due to the varied contributions from Volunteers and our other Eco-system participants. We request that you visit us to get a feel for what Unnati is all about and specific areas where you could involve with.

Some of the potential areas of volunteering are :
Refer Youth
Participate in Selection / Interview process
Participate in Communications
Strengthen the Alumni Network
Coordinate with Employers
Participate in IT, website, e-enablement initiatives
Reach out to other NGOs
Mentor a Youth
Carry the theme, assist in fundraising
Become a Franchisee

When & Who

Nope, we don't require a minimum duration

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Our Fees

No fees

Volunteers are not required to pay any fees.

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Bangalore, India.

Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

The motto of Unnati, ‘learn, earn, stand tall’ is aimed not only to enable them to become ‘employable’ and engage in a gainful job, but also to transform them in to responsible citizens for our country.
Unnati admits youth aged above 18 years from underprivileged (below poverty line) families - They could be school dropouts, even might not have had any formal education.

In India, a large percentage of youth have no access to formal / higher education. Around 80% of them don’t reach even 10th standard.

Left unattended, these youth could potentially turn to non-productive / anti social activities. Unnati was started with the aim to provide a sustainable livelihood and economic independence to such youth, and integrate them in to the mainstream.

Unnati was conceived to harness their potentialities, and mould them in to self reliant, productive workforce for the country

Under privileged youth by and large lack direction and purpose in life. Unnati transforms such youth in to self respecting, confident individuals, capable of making right choices in life.

They start dreaming and pursuing their own set of goals, and alongside become positive change agents in their local communities.

Small Beginning
Unnati was started in a 2 bed room rented premises, churning out around 70 youth per year in 2 vocations. In 2008 state-of-the-art Unnati centre was set up, which currently trains more than 600 youth per year.

Big Leap
The course contents, curriculum, and methodologies have been perfected over the years, which Unnati is willing to share with any NGO / interested individuals / organizations for setting up such centres elsewhere.

Program Highlights
Training is offered at a subsidized cost to unemployed youth. Accommodation and food are also provided to the youth at a small fee. Unnati believes in equality and does not discriminate based on gender, caste or religion. We hold it in great pride that every youth trained by us has been placed in employment with a reputed organisation – this is our measure of success.
More than 40% of trained youth are women. We ensure our vocations are aligned with current day requirements of the market. We have seen how our students climb the work ladder faster than their peers, even earning upto Rs 25,000/- a month from a starting salary of Rs 4,000/- a month. Read our impact stories to know more.