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Gokarna, India, South Asia

Yoga and Meditation Centre, Ashram and Organic Farm


We are an ashram, spiritual retreat centre and yoga-meditation school located on 2½ acres of beautiful coconut grove. The ashram is housed in a gorgeous century-old heritage house and is located in the village of Bankikodla, 5km from Gokarna, an ancient temple and Shiva pilgrimage town with scores of beautiful beaches, forested hills and coastal farming.

We ask that volunteers be involved in the ashram life and be an active part of our community. Our ashram holds an open, loving atmosphere of diverse individuals who function much like a spiritual family. We eat, chant, meditate, sing, work, and play together. We seek to preserve these vibrations, and humbly ask that you be open and willing to share in the daily life of the ashram with us. If you are not at all interested in spiritual life or spiritual practices, then this may not be the right fit for you. However, previous yoga and meditation experience is not necessary, as long as you come with an open mind and heart :)

This little piece of paradise is a relaxing and beautiful place to do your own sadhana (spiritual practices) and live in a community of people who are dedicated to living a simple life of service. Come be a part of our family and enjoy the experience of living in a spiritual community.

Let us begin our inner experience!

Our Activities

What We Need

The yoga of work or action

We make our daily duties a practice of self awareness. A Karma Yogi works with full attention on his/her work, and detaches from the outcome of the work. Simply the action of work is in itself a meditation. In this way we can grow deeper in our understanding of ourselves and our minds, while also learning new skills and developing teamwork and self-awareness.

This includes daily household/housekeeping activities, kitchen prep, work on the organic farm, small projects around the retreat center and larger community projects. Below you will find a list of ongoing projects available, but we are open to you working on whatever inspires you.

We are looking for volunteers (sevak) all over the year in following activities:
- teacher fluent in English for our playschool
- people with knowledge/experience for our organic farm
- volunteers loving pets for our sterilization project (cats and dogs)
- people involved in waste management for our village Bankikodla
- volunteers with ideas and knowledge in women empowerment to start this activity
- volunteers trained in CPR and swimming as well as those who can speak Kannada in order to translate. The project aims at bringing awareness about safety in the water and training in resuscitation for locals, fishermen, children and tourists
- volunteers able to help us promoting our actions and training on the network (facebook, newsletter, flyers, Instagram, videos etc.)
- Yoga teachers have the opportunity to volunteer in our ashram to run the daily yoga routine and also give yoga therapy to handicapped and special need children in our community

On going
2 weeks

What We Provide


Accommodation varies depending on availability. Volunteers stay in either a dormitory or a double room with a common bathroom and showers. Each individual is provided with a sleeping pad, pillow, and a sheet.

**We do have several cats, so if you are very allergic to cats, this may not be the best place for you!**

All volunteers receive 3 vegetarian meals per day, plus tea/coffee/herbal drinks and clean fresh spring water. Meals are homemade by our wonderful Indian cook Gulabi and Ratna, who make traditional, local style food, wholesome and colorful. We grow our own rice and peanuts on our fully organic farm. What is not grown on our land is bought from local farmers in the village and neighboring town.

Important Info

Suitable For


Minimum Stay

Any period of time

Staff Size

Up to 5 people


We ask sevaks (volunteers) for a two-week commitment working 4-6 hours per day if possible (not including clearing up after meals) and a contribution of only Rs 400 per day, for the first 2 weeks to cover the three daily meals and the additional ashram activities. After the first 2 weeks, donation can be negotiable. If volunteers decide to cut short their stay before the initial 2 weeks, they are requested to pay the normal guest donation of only Rs 800 per day, minimum one week.

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