SHE Rescue Home

Phnom Penh, Cambodia, South East Asia
In Cambodia, the SHE Rescue Home exists as a safe-haven for girls normally aged 5 to 16 who have been trafficked, raped, prostituted or at-risk of any of these.

Volunteering Activities

Web Work

What We Need

Each year the SHE Rescue Home offers a variety of volunteer options.

We have a two-month office based opportunity in December and January of each year.

We have a month opportunity for you to join a two-week awareness and action trip in June and then stay on for another two weeks to join the returnees team and volunteer in the office and home.

June team dates: 1st – 12th July 2016
Returnees team dates: 12th – 28th July 2016

When & Who

We have intakes in February and August for a 6 or 12 month commitment where you apply for a specific volunteer position.

We also have a 2 months intake in December and a 1 month opportunity in July.
Yes, we require a minimum of 6 Months
6-12 months for positions with possible contact directly with our home depending on the position your are applying for. We do have 2- 5 month options for office assistance available with limited intake.
Individuals, Family with Kids

What we Provide

Types: Volunteer House

Volunteers are required to pay a volunteer fee that covers in country living. This fee covers administration, accommodation (including all rates, linen and internet), bicycle hire and repairs, mobile phone hire, lunches on work days, cooking water and tea/coffee/drinking water at the office. The fee does not include flights, insurance, visas, medical expenses, spending money and food (with the exception of work lunches).

Types: Variety

Lunch at work only

Wifi & Satellite
Hot Water
Air Conditioning
Local SIM Card
Purified Drinking Water

Our Fees

No fees

1 Year Volunteer: Total: $4, 080USD
6 Month Volunteer: Total: $2, 640USD
5 Month Volunteering: Total: $1900 USD
4 Month Volunteering: Total: $1600 USD
3 Month Volunteering: Total: $1300 USD
2 Month Volunteer: Total: $1000 USD

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More Services we Offer

May have additional fees
Pretrip Assistance
Pick Up/Drop Off

You will receive training before you arrive and have a week of orientation

Contact Person

Fiona Moore
Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Other Ways to support us

School supplies (early primary only)

Additional Info about Us

20 to 50 people

Social workers
Sewing Centre


Please be aware that our volunteer positions are designed to assist, train and/or help our local Khmer staff here in Cambodia. We believe that the best possible care for these girls in our home is from local housemother, social workers and counsellors. These incredible local staff work on our front lines with direct contacts with the girls. Our volunteer roles are working with these incredible staff and do not normally include direct contact with the girls.

The SHE Rescue Home provides the girls with a safe and secure environment where 24-hour security is provided to ensure they remain safe. There are up to six girls per bedroom, each with one House Mother who undertakes the primary carer role, cleaning and caring for the girls in her room to provide a sense of stability and family. In this smaller environment, within the largeness of the home, the girls start to develop a safe and trusting relationship with their House Mother.

The Transition Home - "Home of Hope" provides holistic care for the girls who were formerly living in the SHE Home. The girls who enter the Transition Home are those whose court cases have ended, and whom we are working towards their reintegration back to their families and communities. It is a home that allows the girls more independence, not just within the home but also within their community and neighbourhood. A security guard is no longer required at the front gate and they are able to ride bikes to and from school each day. They are also free to play with the neighbours in surrounding streets, which is a normal part of everyday Khmer living. After discovering the lack of aftercare services for those with disabilities in Cambodia, the Disability Care Home was opened in 2012. Birthed from a need for the specialised care of one of our girls who has both physical and intellectual disabilities, this home is specifically set up to cater for girls with disabilities who have been trafficked, raped, or are at risk of these. The home provides one-on-one care with a house mother who has received extra training in working with people with disabilities. The home is also centred around a routine, specialised activities and the input of a physiotherapist. The home is filled with music in the mornings to bring a bright start to every day, and the days are packed full of activities and fun.

All girls, regardless of their age, are given the gift of education.Our goal is that every girl would reach a minimum of a Year 6 level, where they can read and write Khmer competently.We love that, in Cambodia, we're able to connect with many other great NGO’s (non-government organizations) offering vocational training programs. Through these connections, we have been able to give our girls great training in the fields of hair and beauty, hospitality, tailoring, and cake baking and decorating. Each girl within the SHE Rescue Home has regular contact with a counsellor and social worker. These are essential relationships in their healing and restoration journey.Our social workers work closely with families to help equip them to be able to receive their daughter back into their care. All girls in our SHE Home receive regular medical care, including vaccinations, dental, optical, and any other necessary care. Due to their truama, a number of the girls who enter our home need treatment for STIs and STDs.