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JAIPUR, India, South Asia
Shrestha is dedicated to helping impoverished children lead healthy, fulfilling lives and reach their full potential into adulthood – and you can help.

Volunteering Activities

Social Work
Women Empowerment

What We Need

Experience our colourful Indian culture and teach children and women a range of different subjects.

Each and every child is provided equal opportunity to get Education,Health,Nutrition and Skill Building Services so as to develop them as the Responsible human being on this earth.

About the Program

Our proposed program will engage and provide identified children,specially slum,street and vulnerable children in various activities.These will include Education,Health and Hygiene education,Personality Development,so as to build and provide them an opportunity to develop themselves as the responsible citizen of the country. This will further help them to live into the main stream of society.

We believes education is at the heart of improving the children’s prospects – not just for the children, but for their parents, too. We see it as equally important to engage with their parents and community leaders in the slum area to help them understand the value of education, as a way to help the whole family’s prospects in the long term. Through building relationships with the parents over the past few years, We gained their trust and support, which is critical to ensuring that the children continue to attend school for as long as possible. The first we are in the heart of the slum, and we regularly invite parents to special events at our new schoolroom in a basement nearby.

We also put a strong focus on fun and social skills at the Shrestha school. We celebrate festivals and birthdays with the children, which gives them a lot of happiness, and each school day ends with a session of sports and games, to make sure they always leave with a smile.

Project Needs

We want to address the education deprivation among the underprivileged and marginalized community living in the city of Jaipur.

Children in this program come from slum area in the beginning it was not easy to bring them for education the reason is in slum area each family have five to six children and parents have not fix work there earning is not enough. Children want to go school and study but the parents want to send them on work just like begging,shoe polish,garbage collection etc. So lot of talking and field work some are ok to send children for education at our center. And now continuously children come everyday. On this project we are work since 2010.

Volunteers Role

At the project volunteers will help us in various ways such as they can teach the children English, maths and computing, in a friendly and supportive atmosphere, and also assisting in their moral development how they can behave they also do health and hygiene lessons art and craft, wall painting etc. they can prepare some educational games and sports activity for these children overall development.

Staff Support

During your volunteer work our staff with you we are assist you in translating and as much as required field.

Program Location and Living

Organisation will arrange your accommodation in the center of Jaipur city so after your daily work you can visit near area or Jaipur city market. Accommodation is on the sharing bases in one room two person.

Daily transport from guest house to project and project to guest house will be arrange by organisation.

What we expect from the volunteers

As we are a local Indian grass-roots NGO who serves and supports children and women in need we expect our volunteers and interns to:

Be ready to learn about Indian culture and deal respectful with intercultural differences
Be relayable and flexible or be as open minded as possible
Behave and dress respectful according to conservative Indian society
We want you to enjoy every day of your precious time with us.

What Volunteers can expect from us

During there placement time we are always available for assist them.

When & Who

Yes, we require a minimum of 1 Week

What we Provide

Our Fees


150 USD weekly Its cover Accommodation,Three Meals from Monday to friday, Daily Transportation from Guest House to Project Center and Then back guest house after work, Jaipur Airport Pickup.

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Contact Person

Nitesh Paliwal
88,Prem Nagar,Agra Road, Jaipur, Prem nagar, JAIPUR, India.
43% response rate , 5 hour(s) response time.

Other Ways to Help

Elephant Care

Pencils, Sharpener, Eraser, Colors, Supporter Pad (Note Pad), Marker Pen (Blue and Black) Removable, Note books, White Paper A4 size
-Soap for hand wash
-Sleepers or Shoes
- Games

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

SHRESTHA strives to improve the lives and life-chances of vulnerable children, slum and street children in Jaipur, north-west India. We’re a registered organisation, providing education, health support and vocational training for children.

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