Siaya County, Kenya, Africa

We are the most accessible community library that promote life long learning and culture of reading to the community. We enables the youth to evolve into engaged citizens and adults to connect, relax and increase knowledge

The Siaya Community Library is a project of Integrated Development Africa Programme (IDAP), which is a is a regional Not-For-Profit Making Development and Humanitarian Non-Governmental Organization legally registered and operating in Kenya. The Library is registered as a community based organization by the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social development. IDAP launched this project in the pursuit of support to education programs, including adult literacy, rural schools to provide a center for community education and cultural activities.

The Library runs a wide range of services for the community, and makes use of a two-way information flow so that external information and local knowledge is shared. Its main services comprise providing reading materials, including formal educational resources and locally produced information pamphlets on agriculture, health and literacy. The Siaya Community Library carries a wide variety of resources for adults: The latest bestsellers, hardcover and paperback books, large print books, newspapers, magazines, audio books, DVDs and compact discs. It also offers a range of services and items for loan to teens such as novels and curriculum books. It provides access to information mainly through books and is now embracing information technology through electronic book readers.
The main beneficiaries of the library services are multicultural, occupational, civic and other community groups. The Library patrons include university students, working professionals, women and women groups, youths in and out of school, as well as marginalized groups and farmers in Siaya County. It, however, plans to offer a wide range of children’s activities for parents, including caregivers and activities for young children during term period and school holidays.
Moving forward, the Siaya Community Library will strive to ensure that its collections remain forward-looking, diverse in breadth and form, open to browsing, and of world-renowned quality. Through promotion, the Library will continuously make people aware of the resources available to them, and through innovation, make access to these resources easier. It will also create an integrated, seamless web of information to further streamline access. To serve future users, the Library will preserve information across all formats and ensure effective storage and delivery systems.

Our Activities

What We Need

1. Fundraising ,Resource Mobilization,Grant Writing-Fundraising support will assist us to archive the goal and objective of the organization.
3.Librarians- Will provide more skills on library management.
4. Education/ Teaching of English,Maths,Physics, Chemistry and Biology) as well as training community on the use of computer with in the library.
5. Administration- Management of the organization
6. Environment-Water and Sanitation or Mitigation and adaptation of Climate Change.
7.Web Work- will assist to manage and and update our website.

As from early May 2017.
Duration can be 4 weeks, 8 weeks to 6 Months,Long duration period is negotiable depending on volunteers needs.

What We Provide


We will provide the following our volunteer a family to stay with or a secure hostel, after meeting our cost we will provide our volunteer with meals including accommodation. Alternatively you can email us proper arrangement depend on your needs.

Important Info

Suitable For


Minimum Stay

Any period of time

Staff Size

5 to 10 people


Volunteer will pay US$300 per week for accommodation and meal, US$150 will cover transport one time pick up from the airport to the airport,US$200 will cater for your local movement per week


Watch Us

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Help out from Home

Create/Update our Website
Grant Writing

-We need professionally and influential fundraiser
- Professional grant writer who can develop a winning grant proposal
- We need a research volunteer who can identify and locate a donor, Foundation or a development donor agency that can support our activities.
- Website update and help market and help the project on social media network.

Your Contact Person

P.O.Box 453-40600, Siaya County, Kenya.

Other Information

Our organization the Siaya Community Library is located within Western part of Kenya in Nyanza province around the shore of lake Victoria region(Siaya County).
We are one of the top role model community library in Kenya that promote culture of reading and lifelong learning in the region.

Our Wish List

We wish to get some one who would want to donate a Laptop, Video Camera, external Hard Dist Drive, even motor bike, a motor van to assist us in logistic or community outreach activities.
We wish to get a donation of School bags, stationary.shoes and clothes.
to support needy library children users.
We wish and need some one who would to want to help fundraise for the construction of Children Library and ICT hub for the Siaya Community
Email us for further clarification on :john.malamba3@gmail.com

What are you waiting for?

We at SIAYA COMMUNITY LIBRARY would love to hear from you!