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Mindelo, Cape Verde, Africa

SIMABO protects, rescues, assists and spays/neuters dogs and cats in Sao Vicente, Cape Verde

We are an association for the protection of animals and the environment based in Sao Vicente, Cape Verde.
Our work with the animals, that includes running a shelter with 110 dogs, a cattery with 18 cats, a 7/12 clinic and ambulant castration campaigns, is partly financed with a hostel for responsible tourists, the Simabo's Backpackers' Hostel.
We have spayed/neutered almost 11.000 animals so far and we are planning spaying/neutering campaigns on the neighboring islands as well.

Our Activities

What We Need

The help we need can vary depending on your skills. But we need someone who is a self starter and can work independently with a very high degree of motivation to help. Work is per shifts: morning from 7,30 to 12,30 or afternoon from 13 to 18. Transport to/from the shelter is provided for free when needed by the paid staff.

The volunteer is not required to be physically strong but must have some physical resistance to fatigue and to hot climate and also lots of patience. We are unable to put-up volunteers with any kind of allergy or disturbance. While being used to feel comfortable with animals around, our volunteers must have a good sense of cleanness and tidiness.

We need help most of all in the area of animal care (cats and dogs). Most basic tasks (cleaning, feeding, walking) are performed by local paid staff (we have 14 local employees), but we always need help for delicate tasks like playing with the dogs, brushing the cats, changing the beds, take care of ill animals, and most of all we need help with (1) working in the place of the paid staff when they are missing and (2) supervising the work of local employees so as to assure the highest possible welfare (including cleanness and safety) to the animals in our shelters. You will get very clear instructions for accomplishing your task and you are required to apply them accurately. You will be asked not to rely on the support/advice of the paid staff.

Our work with the animals, that includes running a shelter with 100 dogs, a cattery with 18 cats, a 7/12 clinic and ambulant castration campaigns, is partly financed with a hostel for responsible tourists. The hostel is managed by our charity and 100% of the profit goes to the animals. So it is important to keep running and staffing costs as low as possible. That's why we need help with tourist at any level, from helping with check in/out at night to managing reservations, to check rooms and toilets for cleanness, etc.

We have an educational program that involves school meetings and other activities with children, so we might need help with this kind of work as well that involves helping people and requires probably a better knowledge of the Portuguese language than the work with animals.

The running costs that are not covered with the hostel revenues or with membership fees (we have about 5000 members on the island, but not all of them can afford the membership fee of 12 Euros/year/2 animals) are covered with donations from abroad, so we have a lot of fundraising and communication work as well.
All these activities are managed with a high level of computer work, so we need help also in this specifica area (IT/Internet/social networks, etc.). Maybe you have some IT projects that need attention, so volunteers with programming or computer abilities would be an advantage.
To come here in Mindelo, Cape Verde, and help us no vaccine is necessary. In 10 years of operation none of our volunteers have ever had health problems here. The average temperature is 25 degrees all year long.
To get to Mindelo, where we are based, the cheapest flights are from Amsterdam, Lisbon, London and Paris.
Accommodation for volunteers is available in single or double rooms with shared bathroom in our volunteers' house, just a couple of meters away from our clinic, our hostel, the beach and the main square. Food is provided in the communal kitchen at given times, according to working shifts.
English is not a spread language in Cape Verde. It will be easier to communicate in French, Spanish, Italian and of course Portuguese. Anyway Capeverdean people are very friendly and will help you to overcome language barriers, in case you speak only your language or only English as a second language.
A volunteer staying with us can perform any kind of free-time beach activity or just relax and tan in the sun. Mindelo nightlife is very famous, as it is its music. Dancers can find endless opportunities to share their passion with local partners. Photographers won't get tired at taking pictures of beautiful landscapes, animals and people of any age. From Sao Vicente there are regular ferries to Santo Antao, a green island very famous for trekking. Volunteers can visit this island during day trips or schedule a longer stay during or after/before their placement. Visits to other islands are possible only by plane.

min. 2 weeks

What We Provide


Advice and booking service for visiting other islands. Moreover, we can also provide 3 vegan meals per day for 10 euro per day if requested.

Important Info

Suitable For


Minimum Stay

Any period of time

Staff Size

10 to 20 people


We ask for 70 euros / week as a contribution for food in case the volunteer requests to eat 3 vegan meals per day with us.


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Help out from Home

Social Media Help
Document Translation

Helping with the communication of the association. Engage with the content of the association on Facebook and Instagram so that we can reach more people. Create fundraising campaign to get more funds

Your Contact Person

Rua Angola 14, Mindelo, Cape Verde.
100% response rate , 7 hour(s) response time.

Our Wish List

animal medicines, animal toys,
objects no longer used that can be sold to raise funds

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