Volunteer with Skylight Special Centre

Skylight Special Centre

Nairobi, Kenya, Africa
We are a Community Based Organization working with vulnerable children in Kajiado North, Kenya. Our main aim is to improve the well being of the children with special needs through activities that enhance inclusion and independence.

Human Rights

Administration work: office work, attending to our clients, assisting in planning, assigning and executing of events

We need volunteers throughout the year because we have activities that also runs throughout the year.

2 weeks


Through partnerships we are able to facilitate budget secure accommodation for our volunteers in homes or apartments. Standard meals are provided.
Alternative accommodations do exist in hotels, guest houses, lodges among others; This can be organized upon request.
Transport arrangements are made through our partner tour firms which take our volunteers out in their areas of interest. However there is provision of public transport and private car hire services.

Create/Update our Website
Accounting Assistance
Grant Writing

We only have the giving way website, we wish to create another interesting website which can allow more features and someone to manage it.
We have no donor to run our organization activities yet we have crucial activities that need to be done and our objectives to be met. For example: supporting education needs for the children and vocational programs for the special needs children; building of special (physically challenged-toilets in the local public schools located in or area of interest , capacity building activities- parents, teachers and and other stake holdersmaking the school disability friendly by renovating buildings, purchasing of assistive devices;awareness creation events and other recurring expenses office work, communication and we would like to account for the money.
We will be happy if someone would help us write grant proposals since we require a resource centre;which has a library, materials for all groups of special needs(V.Impaired, physically, mentally and hearing impaired. There is none of the kind around. We need to purchase the building or build our own for sustainability.
We would like

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Our activities include:
Rehabilitation- occupational therapy and physiotherapy, assessment and referrals; provision of assistive devices
Awareness creation; workshops, Inclusive sports/ games and recreation, fun days( schools that have special units);
Mentor ship, Spiritual and life skills promotion
Education -school needs support,
Capacity building
Health care & basic needs support
Economic empowerment of parent support groups
Economic empowerment activities for parents/ caregivers support groups
Research and information dissemination on disability, writing books/ magazine on disability issues

5 to 10 people

$200 per week and will cater for food ,accommodation,transport,internet,stationary.
traditional food will be served.
airport pickup is $ 100 two way.
this money will be injected to help the program.


P.O. Box 15027- 00100 Nairobi, Kenya, Nairobi, Kenya.

: 254705045607

: judyjane45

Skylight is a christian based organization and it strictly operates on christian values. We like working with honest, understanding and flexible people who are passionate about children with special needs and other vulnerable children despite their backgrounds.

Soon,we intend to hold a christmas party and visitation for those families of special needs children in our program. We require to purchase some christmas gifts and food donations to the children and family as a whole. We will be happy and grateful for any support granted to us .
We are also inviting volunteers who may wish to come and celebrate with us to fill in the application form available on our site and we will respond as soon as possible. Tentatively we will have the party on 21st of December but visitations will start earlier. Your support will highly be appreciated. Thank you and God bless.