Volunteer with Skylight Special Centre

Skylight Special Centre

Nairobi, Kenya, Africa

We are a Community Based Organization working with vulnerable children in Kajiado North, Kenya. Our main aim is to improve the well being of the children with special needs through activities that enhance inclusion and independence.

What We Need

Therapy for the children, helping in cooking serving and feeding of the children, playing some music, arts and crafts,paintings, taking children out for recreation/ sports, visiting our members, research work , collecting information and stories on disability issues in our area of interest so as to put in our monthly magazine/ sensitization, helping in typing , recording dissemination of information , fundraising for our cause/ writing proposals, teach the word of God, Life skills training Administration work: office work, attending to our clients, assisting in planning, assigning and executing of events

When & Who

We need volunteers throughout the year
Nope, we don't require a minimum duration
You will be received by an official, briefed on what is expected, get someone to interpret for you and given some one to work with. We trust you will be patient, understanding , ready to listen, humble down to earth in order to work with our children and parents. Are you willing to assist or experience what a mother or caregiver goes through while feeding a cerebral palsy child who has weak jaws? or drools. This is the experience now! children who have several challenges.
Individuals, Family with Kids, Groups

What we Provide

Standard meals are provided.
Alternative accommodations do exist in hotels, guest houses, lodges among others at your cost; This can be organized upon request.
Transport arrangements are made through our partner tour firms which take our volunteers out in their areas of interest. However there is provision of public transport and private car hire services.

Our Fees


$200 per week and will cater for food ,accommodation,transport,internet,stationary.
traditional food will be served.
airport pickup is $ 100 two way.
this money will be injected to help the program.

Contact Person

Judith Oluchiri
P.O. Box 15027- 00100 Nairobi, Kenya, Nairobi, Kenya.

Other Ways to Help

Create/Update our Website
Social Media Help
Video/Photo Editing
Accounting Assistance
Grant Writing

Need to create another interesting website which can allow more features and someone to manage it.
Help us fund raise for our course, help us write articles, books on disability.
Help network on our behalf get donors and volunteers to make our work easier and successful.

Produce a monthly magazine as part of our sensitization program in our efforts to reach out to the public.Therefore we require office materials and equipment.
A daycare/ Recipe centre program where the children can spend their day ; receive their therapy clinics and other medical attention occasionally, have fun thus some people play music for those who can only enjoy especially by listening and observation, those that can learn to draw color and paint , the trainable children can be taught some life-skills and others such like bead work, table mats, soap and detergent making, sewing and knitting. All these skills aimed at helping them to be self reliant in future. We will appreciate if you can teach the word of God to young children who have some challenges, play and make their day enjoyable.
Majority of our children have cerebral palsy condition come from very vulnerable backgrounds and yet require diapers frequently due to incontinence. Some need pads and others basic items such as clothing and food.
The children require special food(good diet) since most of them hardly get good meals so we intend to provide some meals for them 10 o'clock and lunch break every Saturday.
We need volunteers who can sponsor one or two or more children to receive free therapy services and healthcare since some are on medication and its quite expensive for most of the parents/ guardians.
Education and basic needs are an issue .
We request for your support in any form to be able to meet our project requirements. Small , big way we shall appreciate!
Thank you.

Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

Skylight is a christian based organization and it strictly operates on christian values. We like working with honest, understanding and flexible people who are passionate about children with special needs and other vulnerable children despite their backgrounds.

Our activities include:
A registered grass root Organization working with children with disabilities and vulnerable children from deplorable backgrounds.
An inclusive program aimed at improving the welfare of children and breaking barriers to inclusion:
Providing healthcare program mes : Rehabilitation(therapy and providing aids) Special feeding program once a week
Skill building program for trainable children, playing good music for the children, teaching the word of God, art work, identify other talents in children, fun/ recreation activities with the children
Empowering the families of children with special needs( knowledge, Skills, economic empowerment).
Sensitization of the public & stakeholders: We intend to produce a monthly magazine that will help the public know what disability is all about, categories, issues surrounding the problem and some of the measures one can take to avert situations or improve and research more on the area of interest. We need more volunteers to support this course from anywhere.
The parents volunteer to take care of the children in the centre.
Sensitizing the stakeholders and public through writing articles and other media means.
Research and information dissemination on the our course and how to avert or improve in future.


What are you waiting for?

We at Skylight Special Centre would love to hear from you!