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Jinja, Uganda, Africa
Soft Power Education is working with communities in Uganda with a mission of “Improving quality of life through education” and vision for “An empowered and self-sustaining society taking responsibility for its own development."

Volunteering Activities

Conservation Work

What We Need

When volunteering with Soft Power Education there are always a variety of task for volunteers to be involved in. A regular day volunteer with us could be spending the morning at one of our pre-schools assisting the teacher with small learning activities. The afternoons could then be spend at the after school sports club in Kyomya. We always have things that need to be done but we also try to stay as flexible as possible towards the wishes of the individual volunteer.

Going on the group programme the majority of work will be construction, refurbishment and painting.

When & Who

Depending on the programme you can volunteer with Soft Power Education all year. We are only closed for two weeks over Christmas.
With Soft Power Education you can volunteer from one day to one year. We have three different volunteering programmes: one-day volunteers, long term volunteers and group volunteers. We are always flexible to adapt to your wishes and expectations to make sure you get the best volunteering experience.

Our Fees

Soft Power Education ask volunteer for a donation depending on the length of their stay. Usually we ask a £90 donation per week volunteering for long term volunteers. If you want to come as a part of one of the summer groups that usually stay for a month we ask you to fundraise a minimum of £700. Personal costs such as flights, insurance, vaccines, accommodation, food and so on are fully covered by the volunteer as well. The Volunteer Manager will be happy to send you information and guide you prior to your arrival regarding these issues.


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Contact Person

Sisse Dam-Hansen
6, Kyagwe Avenue, P.O Box 1493, Jinja, Jinja, Uganda.

Additional Info about Us

10 to 20 people

Soft Power Education (SPE) is a British registered charity and Ugandan NGO. Since 1999 we have been working with communities in Uganda with a mission of “Improving quality of life through education” and vision for “An empowered and self-sustaining society taking responsibility for its own development”.

The work of Soft Power Education is focused within three key areas:

1. Alternative Education – Supplementing mainstream education with innovative ideas;
2. Livelihoods – Empowering people to drive forward their own development;
3. School Infrastructure - Providing clean, safe and inspiring learning environments.

The Government of Uganda currently relies heavily on input from external sources, particularly NGOs, to meet the basic needs of its population. Although the government is very supportive of the work that we do, at SPE we work with a view to reducing dependency by equipping people with the skills and resources they need to break the cycle of poverty for themselves.
To-date our work has been largely focused on infrastructure in the primary education sector, however, in recent years we have begun to tackle many more of the factors that contribute to poverty, including;

• training children in transferrable life skills at our Amagezi Education
• supporting Special Educational Needs awareness;
• running various community development programmes aimed at
promoting entrepreneurship;
• tackling health issues by improving sanitation at schools;
• promoting environmental conservation through education.

Fundamental to our success in delivering beyond our original scope has been the on-going and sustained support from visitors to Uganda. From the outset SPE has aimed to facilitate partnerships and friendships between visiting tourists and the local community, providing an opportunity for travellers to contribute in a meaningful way. SPE channels the enthusiasm of overland truckers, visiting university and school groups and independent travellers to assist with programmes. Volunteers are often so inspired by the work they have done and the change that they have been able to effect that they continue to fundraise for Soft Power Education when they return home. This ensures that we can pay for skilled Ugandan staff, such as foremen for construction, tutors at the Education Centre, and programme managers.

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