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Nairobi, Kenya, Africa

We are a community program that supports the education of needy individuals within our community. We work closely with community organizations who share our objectives.

Closest City: Nairobi (0.0KM)

What We Need

Our programs:

1. Education: volunteers will work at our community-based school where they can teach and interact with local children

2. Community empowerment: volunteers will work with women to help them with development activities.

3. Sports: volunteers will interact with talented youth and teach them about sports

4. Environment: volunteers will work closely with community youth groups to improve the environment as well as to help create and implement activities to enhance environmental protection.

5. Sponsorship: volunteers will help children get sponsorships in order to prevent them from dropping out of school due to community challenges

We are also in need of help in these following categories:
- Project fundraising and collaboration
- Webwork
- Proposal development

When & Who

All time year round
Yes, we require a minimum of 7 Days
Max: 8 weeks
Individuals, Family with Kids, Groups, Retirees

What we Provide


-Accommodations are provided in a secure unit outside the slum area fit with modern facilities.
-Each volunteer will have their own bed, but may share a room.
-Each bed will have a mosquito net.

Variety, Vegetarian

-Meals will be provided during your stay.
-Volunteers will be provided with 3 meals a day.
-Meals will be composed of mostly African food and a bit of Western food.
-There are small local restaurants in the market and volunteers can eat there too as per their conveniences.

Hot Water
First Aid

Our Fees


$200/week (about $30/day)

The cost will carter for accommodation, meals and some amount will be distributed to our projects to support activities while the reservation fee will be provided to local women to support their businesses.

More Services we Offer

May have additional fees
Pretrip Assistance
Pick Up/Drop Off
Social Activities

-Pretrip assistance is $50USD
-Orientation is free.
-Pick up/Drop off is $40USD
-Social activities depends on what the volunteer wants
-We provide language teaching, i.e Swahili, cultures, sports and weekend meetings with the locals.

Tour Highlights
1. Discover indigenous Kenyan culture while empowering local women. Learn about Maasai tradition through song, dance, and storytelling from $170USD per person.
-Immerse yourself in local Kenyan culture while supporting underserved populations.
-Learn to cook traditional local meals such as ugali etc $30USD
-Join Kenyan youths in singing songs of peace and unity.

We offer an optional Safari trips:
1. Safari at the famous Maasai Mara Game Reserve:- 2-day safari (one night) cost is $400 per person and includes entry fee, transport, food and accommodation (tip for the guide not included)
2. Fourteen falls in Thika 1hr drive from Nairobi cost $50 per person includes entry fee, transport and food.
3. Thomson falls in Nyahururu 4hrs drive from Nairobi cost $100 per person includes entry fee, transport and food.
4. Hellsgate in Naivasha 3hrs drive from Nairobi cost $100 per person includes entry fee, transport and food.
5. We provide language teaching, i.e Swahili, culture, sports, and weekend meetings with the locals.

Contact Person

Beatrice Ongaji
P.O.BOX 61702-00200, Nairobi, Kenya.

Other Ways to Help

Logo and Graphic Design
Create/Update our Website
Social Media Help
Grant Writing

We are looking for volunteers who can help in fundraising and resource mobilisation. We welcome volunteers who can help us from home! who can work as our ambassadors abroad and help us meet our goals for sustainable development. We will send any information upon their requests.

Local tour of the area:

- Volunteers who arrive are greeted.
- Short explanation about the tour and guidelines.
- Explanation how they helping the local community by participating in this tour.
- Tour is based on the history of the area, and the different types of challenges faced by the local population.

Traditional cooking class:

- Volunteers who arrive are greeted.
- Short explanation about history of this type cooking.
- Explanation how they helping the local community by participating in this workshop.
- Cooking workshop.
- Everyone eats.


Cloths,school supplies,sports supplies and equipment, books, laptops, bags, monetary donations,shoes, uniforms, building materials, cameras,projector, medical supplies and equipment, etc. A donation is not required but helpful.

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

- Teaching.
- Drop off service and pick up from the project.
- Class orientation given to volunteers.
- Sports and art workshops
- Serving lunch.


Here is how your typical day would look:

7am - 8am: Breakfast

8am - 11am: Volunteering work

11am - 11.30am: Break

11.30am -1pm: Volunteering work

1pm - 2pm: Lunch

2pm - 5pm: Volunteering work

5pm onwards: Free time and Dinner

Volunteers will have weekends off for free time.

There are seasonal volunteering activities, such as the teaching program in schools, takes place only during the school calendar. This can be determined at the time of application.

The terms of school in Kenya are as follows:

-First Term from January to March (April is holiday)
-Second Term from May to July (August is holiday)
-Third Term from September to November (December is holiday)

For the other skills, you are all time year round welcomed.

We focus on education, community development, empowerment activities, and food security programs. We work with women groups in our community as well as youths.

This program addresses the following:
- Drug and substance abuse
- HIV/AIDS and reproductive health
- Education support for children of a low socio-economic status
- Community agriculture to promote food security
- Exploration of talents for youth

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