Souls of Paradise Foundation

Kasoa, Ghana, Africa
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We preach, provide free health services and vocational training.

Volunteering Activities

Web Work
Women Empowerment

What We Need

1. To design and manage our website
2. Vocational skills trainers in the areas of catering, soap making, balloon & floral decoration, batik tye & dye, bead and hats making etc.
3. To help us raise funds to support our projects.
4. Health assistants to help us do our health education and free screening.
5. To help teach our women about financial management (how to save)
6. Missionaries to help proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the rural folks.

When & Who

1. Website...(May to July, 2017)
2. Fund Raising...March and September (Every year)
3. Health Education and Screening...(Every quarter of the year)
4. Vocational Training...(Every week)
5. Gospel Outreach...(Every two (2) weeks)
6. Teachers...(April to November, 2017)
One week

What we Provide


1. Airport pick up drop off
2. Meal... Twice daily i.e Breakfast and Supper
3. Accommodation... The volunteer(s) will stay with a hospitable host family where they can feel at home.
4. Utility bills (Water, light, gas)
5. 24/7 emergency support


Our Fees

Two (2) weeks USD $ 350
One (1) Month USD $ 650
Additional weeks after first Month
USD $ 120 per week.

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Contact Person

P O BOX OH 396, KASOA, C/R, GHANA., Kasoa, Ghana.

Other Ways to Help

1. Gospel Outreach Logistics
(Outreach bus, musical instruments, Generator, A laptop Computer, Video camera, Projector and screen)
2. Health equipments
(BP apparatus and other health devices,
Test Kits Malaria, Hepatitis, HIV and Syphilis, Lancer, gloves etc.)
3. Vocational training equipments
(Cylinders, Oven, Utensils, Cutleries, Toaster, Blender, Sewing Machines, Hair Dryerse tc)

Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

Souls of Paradise Foundation was established as a Not for Profit Organization (NPO) with the following objects of incorporation: preach the gospel, win souls for God, promote and foster the spirit of unity and friendship, mentoring, help members to solve their social, economic and spiritual problems, provide sponsorship to talented and serious members, help the less privileged in the society, organize clean-up campaigns and provide awareness on topical issues to members and the society at large.