Soweto Youth Initiative

kahawa west, Kenya, Africa

We are working to improve the life of children, youth and the society in general.

Volunteering Activities

Agriculture Work
Social Work
Women Empowerment

What We Need

Teaching children basic hygiene habits
Teaching about STDs
Teach computer skills
Teach some kitchen gardening
Teaching languages you speak
Teach children how to draw, colour and general artwork

When & Who

Six days in a week
Yes, we require a minimum of 5 Days
No maximum stay

What we Provide

Hot Water
Laundry Service

Our Fees

Fees is to assist in accommodation and meals.


No reviews yet.

More Services we Offer

May have additional fees
Pretrip Assistance

Contact Person

joshua kalekye
P.O. BOX 10834-00100, kahawa west, Kenya.

Other Ways to Help

Toys,balls,jumping ropes,sport kits, hairdressing equipment, shaving machine artwork materials e.t.c

Additional Info about Us

10 to 20 people

Soweto is a slum located at about ten kilometers away from the city of Nairobi.
It has a population of about 10,000 people where the bigger percentage comprises of the youth. Soweto has many typical slum problems just like any other slums around the world.
At Soweto Youth initiative
We empower young mothers
Fight drug addiction
Teach children basic hygiene
Teach about STDs
Prevent teenage pregnancies
Distribute sanitary towels to girls
Prevent school dropouts
Teach our children computer skills