Burao, Somalia, Africa
We are youth organization working with the marginalized and disadvantaged Communities In Togdheer region by empowering, promoting and creating a sustainable livelihoods for them.
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HQ: Burao, Somaliland, Burao, Somalia.

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The Somaliland Youth Development and Voluntary Organization (SOYDAVO) is a local non-governmental, non-profit making organization with headquarters in the city of Burao, Somaliland, and Second largest office in Hargeisa, Somaliland along with other satellite offices in the Sool and Sanaag regions, of the eastern Somaliland. SOYDAVO was registered as a non-governmental organization under the NGO Coordination Act of Somaliland in September 2003, with certificate number L.43.13.760.2017M/J.
SOYDAVO values local existing potentials in the communities and aims at strengthening peace while alleviating poverty among the rural poor, through the use of local resources. The organization works closely with local authorities including semi-autonomous Somaliland government officers and local municipalities, aiming to contribute to the country’s short and long-term development priorities through participatory approaches. SOYDAVO envisages realizing democratic changes in the country by promoting interdependence, mutual respect, cooperation, and accountability, with full recognition of equal human rights and equity in participation.
Based on the wide-range limitations of Somaliland, SOYDAVO is engaged in multi-sector activities such as: education for vulnerable groups, economic development and livelihood support, protection of children and women rights, peace building and reconciliation, psychosocial recovery and WASH activities. As a result, the main target groups of the organization of consisting of vulnerable youth, women, and children coming from disadvantaged backgrounds including IDP camps, nomad people and ex-militia. In the same time, SOYDAVO works closely with local leaders such as religious and clan leaders, actors that facilitate greater access to their communities and that can have a multiplier role. Other target beneficiaries are non-governmental organizations including community-based organizations and faith-based organizations, government departments, other private organizations, and training institutions. It is important to realize that the priority of SOYDAVO is to instill sustainable development, which will improve the economic and social well-being of the community. SOYDAVO strives to give priority to the poor and marginalized members of the community. Therefore, SOYDAVO encourages and educates different marginalized community groups including the poorest of the poor, minorities, repatriated refugees, children and women groups on their rights and ensures equal access to all basic services.