Spice Without Borders

Eldoret, Kenya, Africa
We are a leadership academy and incubator for social change innovation by those at the margins of society, women and men, who have overcome adversity

Volunteering Activities

Conservation Work
Human Rights Work
Social Work
Women Empowerment

What We Need

We need expert Catalysts (facilitators) who can share knowledge with in simple ways and with expertise in either of the following areas;
[ ] Storytelling
[ ] Speech Writing
[ ] Poetry/ Spoken Word
[ ] Photo/ Videography
[ ] Video Editing
[ ] Awareness Creation
[ ] Project Management
[ ] Business Planning
[ ] Finance Management
[ ] Fund Raising
[ ] Personal Branding
[ ] Communication
[ ] Inter cultural Relations
[ ] Social Media Engagement (Blogging)
[ ] Media Engagement
[ ] Public Speaking
[ ] Event Planning and Management


When & Who

All the year round
Yes, we require a minimum of 1 Week
1 Month
Individuals, Groups, Retirees

What we Provide

Types: Homestay

We provide shared facilities for accommodation. Volunteers should be able to adjust and adapt to local meals as we provide a local balanced diet.

Types: Variety

Kenyan delicacies

Hot Water
Local SIM Card
Purified Drinking Water

Our Fees

$50 daily
$500 One-time

USD$ 500.00 per month which covers cover accommodation and meals. A reservation of US$ 250 for those staying for atleast one month

No Reviews

No reviews yet.

More Services we Offer

May have additional fees
Pretrip Assistance
Social Activities

For local tours its at the volunteers expense.

Contact Person

Erick I. Matsanza
Box 8512 - 30100, Eldoret, Kenya.

Other Ways to support us

SpiceTalks Catalyst

Listen to our participants pitches and give them feedback, taste the Kenyan Culture at the campus.


Need some solid ideas about how precisely you can help? Want to donate items and be sure they are gratefully received and used?

Well this is for you, here are some ideas about items you can give to our project.

Feel free to contact us with other suggestions of items you think might be useful or want more information on anything listed below. We would love to hear from you if any of these ideas appeal, and can provide more detailed information and exact costs where they are not listed below;

[ ] Sponsor Participant Stipend (One month at US$196)
[ ] Sponsor Participant Scholarship (One month at US$210)
[ ] Sponsor Participant Seed Funding at US$1,050
[ ] Pay rent for our training premises (One month at US$850)
[ ] A donation of any size to help in catering for participants welfare
[ ] Public Address System
[ ] Sound Recorders
[ ] Lapel Microphones
[ ] Megaphone for raising awareness
[ ] Projector and Screen
[ ] Digital Camera (Video and Stills)
[ ] New or used Laptop
[ ] Water filter or purification system
[ ] Laundry Equipment’s
[ ] Kitchen Fridge
[ ] Gas/Electric Cooker
[ ] Beddings and Towels
[ ] A motorcycle for staff to get to work and ease their transportation cost
[ ] Bicycles for our volunteers
[ ] Donate funds to cover the purchase of any of the items listed above
[ ] Organize a fundraising event in your home country
[ ] A minivan for our participants to get to and from project visits
[ ] Pens, crayons, painting materials, writing/drawing books, things that can be used to teach children, musical instruments (harmonicas, drums, trumpets, saxophones, percussion instruments such as flutes, etc), footballs, volleyballs towards our Pilipili 101 club for schools
[ ] Volunteer with us

[ ] What about becoming a regular monthly donor? Email us

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

Administrative work
Interviewing applicants
Doing background checks in the social media
Brainstorming on the future activities for the organization


Our Projects
http://www.spicetalks.com (www.facebook.com/spicetalks)
http://www.spicefestival.org (www.facebook.com/spicefestival)

Designing Brands for Participants, Volunteering at Events, Inspiring Participants, Guiding and Counseling of our Participants, Awareness Creation with Participants, Photography

Spice Without Borders is a global leadership academy and incubator for social change innovation by those at the margins of society. Through its 6 month accelerator program, it provides mentorship and one-on-one training to those who want to enact social change in their backyards.

Our Vision
We envision an open-minded society transformed by the creative and critical voice of the people who are catalyzed by integrity, equality and authenticity.

Our Mission
We are here to equip a new generation of change leaders from the backyards of society with ideas and skills necessary to sustainably accelerate social change through innovation and cultural transformation.

Our Idea
Our catalytic training equips participants with creative ideas and skills they need to initiate sustainable ventures that accelerate social change through innovation and cultural transformation at the backyard of society.