Kampala, Uganda, Africa
Formed in June, 2012, our project's activities consist of offering (1) organizational, operational, and financial assistance to Ugandan schools, beginning with a local School in Katosi, Uganda, (2) vocational training in trades for older vulnerable girls and boys.

Volunteering Activities

Agriculture Work

What We Need

We are a growing nonprofit that seeks people who are heartfelt about community issues, who would need to part of the growing organisation.
We hereby want you to be part of the team, with whatever you can do physically and virtually; your efforts can reach the disadvantaged and under-served majorities.

we need volunteer teachers to offer English, mathematics and science at our school for vulnerable children. soccer trainers, who can equip the kids with skills in football and Australian ball, our kids are so amazing and eager to learn. we have over 100 vulnerable children, lacking language practice, career encouragement, as you know their lives have been miserable for many years. we need volunteers who can encourage them, groom them, give them hope. if this is your dream, to give hope to children, then you are welcome!

The sewing school project for older vulnerable girls needs project developers, seamstress trainers, business management teachers ( if you are an intern in BA, this is a great opportunity), Trainers in modelling and fashion design ( if your interest is here, its a good opportunity to grow your career).

In the women & widows group, we need volunteers who are passionate about gardening, farming, child nurturing and grooming (parenting), learning about local living and what struggles widows or women meet daily.
your daily living with them, helping with garden work or house cores or looking after the kids, can be your amazing try it now!

Would you like to volunteer without leaving your home? just contact us. we have placements for virtual volunteers.....the sky is a limit! you can be involved in many programs, including web updating, online fundraising, volunteer recruitment (suitable for those able to mobilize volunteers), advocacy to our programs, ambassadorial positions and many more. just get in touch with us.

Remember, Step Up Uganda is a US 501c3 registered non profit, and therefore, all your work shall be certified and recommended. we issue a certificate after your volunteering time!

When & Who

anytime. we have placements from January to December
2 weeks.

What we Provide


we have a seven bed-roomed house for volunteers. its located in the village and near Uganda's biggest Lake Victoria. This is where all volunteers we have hosted never wanted to leave!

In a cool village, with solar power for you to charge laptops, phones, kindles etc and lights in the bedroom. here, you can enjoy a typical african lifestyle

Our Fees

No fees

we dont charge for volunteering but we expect the volunteers to pay for their visas, airport pickup and food.

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Contact Person

Tony Kabuye
Kampala, Uganda.

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

our working area is near a big lake, volunteers can go fishing with the local people, touring on islands and see the most beautiful african birds and animals.

Most of our volunteers lived here, enjoyed to the extent of not leaving. the cool wind, a school on uphill viewing the lake, abundant love and cooperation from local people.

On weekends, volunteers can go to the source of River Nile, rafting and forest walks.

Our main activities are; (1) vulnerable children education support, (2) empowering women and girls through skills training and improved farming & agriculture, (3) Youth mentoring in development, health awareness and HIV/AIDS prevention through sports, workshops and campaigns.
we only offer education and lunch at our primary school to vulnerable children and children from poor families, however, these children come from their respective guardians in the community we serve.