NAIROBI , Kenya, Africa
This is a community registered project which provides primary education to the needy children in the community.
our primary focus is education and women empowerment programs.

Volunteering Activities


What We Need

The work that the volunteers will do will reflect the aspect of fundraising and resource mobilization that will support the community school project which is integrated by the concept of community empowerment .
They will also be involved in teaching at the center and community visitations.


When & Who

our education programs follows the ministry education curriculum which is entrenched into a three terms per year .ie April ,August and December school holidays while our community development programs in heath ,food security ,capacity building and women micro finance is done all year round .
Here the volunteers will work very closely with youth out of school,women & young girls and children in the community.
Yes, we require a minimum of 2 Weeks
The project volunteers are required to be at the project which can be 1 week or 2 weeks or even one month depending on there availability and flexibility. For those volunteers willing to spend more than one month and above are welcomed .

What we Provide

Types: Guesthouse

The community project will provide accommodation & meals ,hot water,traditional food,soft drinks ,security during field work ,transport ,Internet services ,etc ...............

Types: Variety
First Aid
Swimming Pool

one time pocket money of usd 1000

Our Fees

$29 daily

The volunteers willing to partner with the community project are encouraged to reserve their participation by setting one hundred dollar which will go along way to support a community volunteer teacher at the community project .
the teacher will be identified by the volunteers and the project management which will depend on the performance and hard work and endurance .
because the volunteers will be accommodated in the project and meals provided ,the volunteers will contribute usd 200 every week and this will help pay for quest house accommodating and internal transport .the difference will support the educational initiatives at the community project which will be discussed by the volunteers and the management.
the volunteer should notify the project on how they want to pay the money .

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More Services we Offer

May have additional fees
Pick Up/Drop Off
Social Activities

Contact Person

P O BOX 3165-00506 NAIROBI., NAIROBI, Kenya.

Other Ways to support us

Traditional cooking class,traditional dance


project land ,books ,computers ,desks ,uniforms ,cash, dry food ,building materials ,water tank ,fencing poles.pumps ,pipes etc

Additional Info about Us

10 to 20 people

teaching young children,youth and women.offer guidance and counselling, pastoring.


because of the many challenges we have experience with our educational systems .
we have introduced the concept of home school which is becoming very popular due to the life challenges that the children are going through .
this is an area where children and youth including women are very much affected by the use of drugs and HIV/aids infection.
the project need Good constructed school with well supplied water pipes to in crease and reduce infections .
for the school to operate very well and provide consistency in education and community empowerment activities ,the community project will need usd 50,000 per year which is ksh 5,000,000.00 per year .
this will support the community volunteer teachers ,provide food for the children at the community project ,pay tutions for the children,provide school uniforms .conduct deworming for the children ,support group capacity building ,books supply and modification of the class rooms to be conducive for learning.

They change according to different three qurters of the year.the first quater teaching and practice.second teaching and going out for trips team building.third quater teaching and exams ,appraisals vocational bible study.

This is a community facility that is community owned and driven by the fact that the community children need affordable and quality education.
the school is made of very old iron sheets donated by the community.
apart of education the project has mobilized the community women and girls .
this category has been organized into groups where they meet every month to discuss some of the challenges that they go through.
some of the beneficiaries in this school are from the poor community and their guardians are very young women who dropped out of school due to early pregnancies .
the project is addressing and mitigating the effects of hiv/aids in the community by using the youth and women to create awareness in the community and address child protection matters which are very rampant in the community.
drug and substance of abuse are are being addressed by the community project with the support from the community.
the project needs school desks ,school uniforms ,shoes ,food for the children & women.
capacity building is also being done by the community project targeting the HIV/aids support groups and the community youth.
since the demand for a reading space has been created by the project its needful for the project to get a good library for the school to make learning more interesting in the community education programs.
currently the project is supported by a team of volunteer teachers who have been referred to the project by the community stakeholders and guardians .
the project currently has about 240 children which are spread from baby class to class six .class seven and 8 are referred other community schools due to space and resources .
according to the project data a total of over 500 needy children have dropped out of school due to family problems and health matters with links to HIV/aids and drug abuse which are very rampant in our community.
its is because of this big number of children in need of education that our community program is opening up to collaborate and network with organizations and passionate people across the world to assist in one way or the other.
we need d skilled and experience volunteers who will add value to our community project in terms of fund raising and marketing our project products for sustainability.