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Superlearner Project Lima aims to empower kids to achieve their dreams through non formal and informal education, building self-confidence and self esteem, while also stimulating their own potential.

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What We Need

We are looking for flexible, passion-driven, innovative, and committed individuals. Superlearner is a developing project where hours are subject to change. It is important that our volunteers thrive with changing schedules and unexpected opportunities. We work hard, but passionately, and the rewards are huge!

We need help in several ways. These are the tasks that we work with everyday in Superlearner:

Language lessons - Administration/Organization - Fundraising - Photographer/videographer (please show us some of your work) - Psychologist - Yoga/Sports Instructor - Nutritionist

Are you an English teacher, marketing publisher, fundraiser, organizer, and/or filmmaker/photographer? These positions are very much a priority at the moment.

Additional information about the work and schedule in Superlearner:
Our work is divided into 1) Office Work where we individually and/or in teams work on the projects depending on each one's tasks or we meet to share ideas, check our work, find solutions to problems. Besides this, we have 2) Field Work where the team goes on day trips and we currently travel to two different districts around Lima to do community-oriented work, mostly with children. Depending on your team and your individual tasks, you will be working for 4-5 days a week. We have a general week schedule for activities with children. The Office Work complements this schedule and can be more flexible.

Do you have another special skill that can benefit our project? Don't hesitate to contact us and tell us about your ideas! Enthusiasm is the only requirement - any idea is welcome! Tell us how you can benefit our project and we will create a position that best suits your skills and desires.

When & Who

All year round
Yes, we require a minimum of 1 Month
Since we are working with children, it is not conducive to have new people every week. The children need confidence and this takes some time. So the minimum stay is around one month, the longer the better for the project.
Individuals, Groups

Our Fees

No fees

We don't ask anyone to pay fees for volunteering with us. Anyway we can't offer free accomodation and food, but we can help volunteers to find a cheap solution (sometimes a free one).

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More Services we Offer

May have additional fees
Pretrip Assistance
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Social Activities

Contact Person

Caterina Suzzi
AA.HH San Juan de Vistal Alegre Pamplona Alta, San Juan de Miraflores, Lima Peru, Lima, Peru.
81% response rate , 69 hour(s) response time.

Other Ways to support us

Books, school supplies, laptops, learning material, games, brain games, equipment for sports

Additional Info about Us

10 to 20 people

Bringing a personal device (computer, tablet etc.) is very essential for our work. A major part of our team work, communication, marketing, projects, and much more takes place online.

Important! We care a lot about the safety and health of our volunteers. When joining the Superlearner project, it is required of the volunteers to 1) obtain travel insurance and 2) update your vaccines. Check with your government's recommendations on which vaccines to update when coming to Peru. Remember to consider the length of your stay, your activities (will you be going on trips to other parts of Peru), and your working environment (you will be in close contact with locals in poor areas with many street dogs).

Important! When entering Peru, one will obtain a visa for 90 days. If necessary, we will help you with the process of extending your visa once you're here. The price for visa extension is 15 PEN = 5 USD no matter your nationality. If staying longer than six months, one would have to leave the country and re-enter in order to reset his/hers visa. We can assist you in the processes both before arrival and once you are here.

Superlearner is running throughout the entire year, and we will always welcome volunteers. However, we might adjust our schedule during the summer months (Dec-Feb) and winter months (Jul-Aug) due to holiday etc.

With Superlearner, we don’t just want to bring meaningful education to some of Peru’s poorest children. We want to empower those children to overcome their poverty with the confidence that true education provides. We don’t want to simply “help” communities with short-term projects. We want to collaborate with communities to build long-term, self-sustaining programs that continue to benefit local areas long after our volunteers leave. We are trying to put together an excellent team in place to make our pilot project effective, efficient and successful.
We hear about poverty all the time in the abstract, but it’s the everyday aspects of being poor that drag you down. It’s very hard to feel hopeful and confident when the walls of your “house” are a plastic tarp that whips around in the wind, when you don’t always have shoes, when you don’t have money for school books, much less food, and it wouldn’t matter anyway because you attend a school where 75% of your classmates don’t understand what they read. It’s very hard to feel that you can rise above your circumstances when everything around you seems to say that you are unworthy, that you are not smart enough, and that you will never amount to anything. Every kid deserves the same opportunity to make the most of their talents and intelligence. This begins with knowing that you are talented and intelligent, that you are worthy, that you can succeed despite all the signs around you saying that you can’t. That kind of empowerment makes people unstoppable. It allows them to rise above their circumstances and build something better. And this is what Superlearner is all about.

There are many projects that aim to educate or “help” the poor in Peru. Many of them are not as successful as they could be, though, because they aren’t tailored to the communities they seek to help. Others focus on short-term volunteer missions that might not be sustainable once volunteers leave. With Superlearner, we want to change all of that.

We focus on education because of its potential to empower people but also because Peruvian schools just do not provide meaningful education. While wealthy students can afford tutoring sessions and extra books, the impoverished are trapped in a system that doesn’t provide them with the tools they need to learn. This is why Superlearner we wants to bring innovative learning methods to children in Peruvian schools, starting with the basics: improving literacy in Spanish and boosting memory skills. Then, we will focus on subjects like English and math that will help students succeed in a globalized economy.

For this to work, we will need to collaborate with communities and tailor the implementation of our methods to individual schools, while we create a program that will best fit the community’s needs. By learning from each other, we can also train each other in such a way that local teachers and community leaders can keep Superlearner in place once our volunteers leave.
We have already begun this process with Pamplona, where we are developing our program.

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