Sustainable Run for Development (SURUDEV)

Bamenda, Cameroon, Africa
Sustainable Run for Development (SURUDEV) is a nonprofit, non-denominational, apolitical organization formed in 2007 and legally registered in 2010 with registration number 154/E.277/750/BAPP . SURUDEV is in Speciesl Consultative status with the Economic and social council (ECOSOC) of the United nations (UN) since 2019

Volunteering Activities

Agriculture Work
Conservation Work
Disaster Relief
Refugee Support

What We Need

We are in need of a smart individual to:
Underatake internally displaced persons data analysis (monitoring );

Generate concept notes for the protection of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon;

Raise funds for the execution of projects geared owards improving on food security, nutrition needs and protection of internally displaced personsw in the North Western Region of Cameroon


When & Who

This need is urgent between June and August 2019
Yes, we require a minimum of 5 Months
12 months
Individuals, Family with Kids, Groups, Retirees, Disabled

What we Provide

Wifi & Satellite
First Aid
Swimming Pool

Our Fees

$10 daily
$250 One-time

Fees are for general management of the volunteer including orientation an guidance. Fees also help in the management of the volunteer in the office, liaisng with partners and reporting

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More Services we Offer

May have additional fees
Pick Up/Drop Off

We provide orientation t our volunteers without aditional fees

Contact Person

Kari JacksonBongnda
Ngen Junction Bamenda, Bamenda, Cameroon.
92% response rate , 34 hour(s) response time.

Other Ways to support us

Bird watching, mushroom cultivation, fitering honey, feeding broilers and layers, picking eggs

This is a short term experience offered volunteers. Volunteers would gain experience on how to grow mushroom, carry out bird watching, filter and packag honey, feed broilers, layers and pick eggs


- Concept notes to donors;

-Food items

-Non food items

-Health care to IDPs


Additional Info about Us

5 to 10 people

Programs Coordinator

The progcharged with the following daily task among others:

Harness and submitting daily task of work and that of the entire staff to the Executive Director;
Stays very available online with the Executive Director and sharing of ideas on projects with the SURUDEV social groups;
Assign tasks to your subordinates;
Preparing project documents, preparing funding letters, liaising with likeminded organizations, contacting consultants, searching for potential donors



Sustainable Run for Development (SURUDEV) is a nonprofit, non-denominational, apolitical organization formed in 2007 and legally registered in 2010 with registration number 154/E.277/750/BAPP in conformity with law 90/053 of 19th December 1990 of the Republic of Cameroon. We are in special consultation with the United Nation's Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United nations (UN). We are dedicated to transforming the poor environmental and agricultural landscapes to sustain livelihoods for the poor and underprivileged through community initiatives and active participation, while nurturing the traditional wisdom and facilitate progressive mindsets.


Our mission is to promote inclusive, equitable and sustainable development initiatives in Cameroon.


We envision sustainable development of communities where everyone is aware of the environmental issues plaguing them and aware of the solutions, have guaranteed opportunities of sustainable development that enables them exercise their rights to food, livelihood, education, health, peace, while enjoying a life free from economic hardship.


To alleviate poverty and strengthen livelihood of the poor and underprivileged communities through promoting sustainable agriculture, climate smart crops, entrepreneurship and agripreneurship, thereby ensuring food security, food sovereignty, nutritional security and income security;

To address and reduce ecological degradation through, conservation of biodiversity, waste management, promotion of renewable energy and, enhancing local climate adaptation methods through mass awareness campaigns, advocacy and research and , plantations of forest species

To address gender issues and empower women socially, economically and politically.

To promote value based education and rights among children, youths, adults at family and community levels for universal development;

To increase awareness about health, sanitation and hygiene in general and STDs and HIV/AIDS in particular.

To assist victims of didaster and confl;icts with basic health needs and sustain their livelihoods