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Togo, Africa
Synergie d'Actions pour un Développement Approprié (SADA) aim is to ensure the socioeconomic and moral well-being of the less-advantaged populations of the suburbs and rural areas of Togo. Our objectives are based on the development of communities by employing locally available resources.

Volunteering Activities


What We Need

We are dedicated to assisting communities and improving the lives of marginalized in need through charitable and volunteer work. There are many ways you can help make a difference that will positively impact not only the lives of others, but yours as well. We provide opportunities for those who are committed to taking up a voluntary project in Togo while learning the cultural dynamics of our society. Below is a list of available volunteering opportunities;

A) Project: Construction of a pre school education centre

For the implementation of this project, we need a financial support to purchase ciments and sand, also volunteers for masonry are welcomed.

Education provides children the foundation they need to reach their full potential, and is a basic right that no child should be denied. To start out, children need a stable environment where they can grow into healthy, productive adults and citizens. School gives children that chance at life. With our engagement in favour of the rights of infants, SADA places a particular emphasis on the development of pre-school teaching, that is to say, teaching which provides any young child the opportunity of a good start in life. Access to quality education starts at an early age. The child who has a good start in life has better chances of growing up in good health, of developing his or her learning ability, of going to school and of leading a fulfilling life.This is why SADA set up in 2012 an early childhood education center in Bagbegan rrural village for 35 children. For SADA, investing in pre-school education is to guarantee the future of these children, especially those in rural areas who do not have the same chances as those in towns and cities but should still enjoy the same rights. This objective is realised through the implementation of support structures with local materials for children aged between 3 and 5 years old . These support structures aim to:

to improve the quality of care,protection and education of children

encourage the access of girls (sisters of these young children) to primary school and the continuation of their studies instead of staying at home for taking care of their young broders

free up mothers from the care of their young children, allowing them to freely carry out their Income Generating Activities for the well being of their families.

We own a land and want now to change the children education centre made with local materials step by step into a healthy bricks building. We need financial support for this project of construction.

Our needs: ciments, sand and volunteers for massonry works.

Help us with a fundraising of any amount for providing a shelter for less avantaged children. In addition, we 're looking for volunteers who are ready to make their hands dirty.
A certificate will be given to the volunteer for his help.
Togheter, let's create an enable an environment where children will exercise their skills, knowledge and leadership, they can be transformed into new individuals, able to step into new roles and lead the change themselves.

B.) Education : Teaching (school year is September - Jun)

Volunteers with teaching experience in various subject areas are needed to help in teaching the children both in the care centre (a kind of nursery, kindergarten) and in the classrooms (primary or junior high school) based on the persons experience or choice. This would help them stay off the streets and be utilizing the spare opportunity to develop their reading and writing skills all together. Most of the children would be taught even after school. The volunteer may decide to teach any of the following subjects: English, Mathematics, Basic Science, creative arts, physical education, social studies, and Basic computer studies (ICT), Poems & Rhymes for kindergarten, Alphabets & basic maths for kindergarten etc. Volunteers may choose to teach language of their country or games from their country especially for primary school.

The duties of the Teacher will include:

- Support other teachers in teaching other subjects to the children.
- Writing Lesson notes for various subjects and marking of Class room and Homework exercises.
- marking of class register daily, writing class reports to the headmaster of school assigned, writing project report to our team at the end of every month and creating a blog online to show progress of your work at school placed
- conduct quiz for the class taught by the volunteer, marking of quiz papers,

- In some cases, involve one-on-one tutoring of some special kids.

Be noted: especially for the help in the day care centre,
Prior experience in working with children aged 3-5 is essential.
The volunteer must have a basic French knowledge. Children speak Ewe, the local language but French is Togo's official language. We are trying to use French in the centres. Furthermore French is essential to interact with the local teacher and the rest of the staff.
We need creative people, who can teach through games and playing, who like to invent games, acting and have a lot of patience. Volunteers will be responsible for the teaching and playing with about 25-35 children who will be sided by a local woman, helping taking care of the children and translating when needed.

C.) Women Development: Women development officer

Our team requires volunteers help in the aspect of Women's Development. This Officer will help plan, develop and implement programs that are consistent with the mission of Women's development in the community. This volunteer will work to foster the community-building agenda of Women's Development.

The work of the Women's Development Officer will include:

- Work with us and other volunteers, solicit and steward relationships with other partners/donors to support women efforts
- Plans with us various campaign events and other activities, including Families with Young children
- Implements leadership programs to enhance Women's Development efforts.
- Works to develop programs that advance the project of enhancing Women's development in the community.
- Organizing rural women into groups and train them in vocational skills

D) Volunteer for Library work

Volunteer with prior experience in library or not, and a motivated person is required to develop junior high school student's reading and understanding skills. Most of the students would be taught even in the library.

The volunteer will also teach any of the following subjects: Mathematics, Basic Science, Poems, and will prepare students for participating to reading competitions.

The duties of the Volunteer will include:

- Support other teachers in teaching literature and science or other subjects to the students.
- Help in reading and understanding of books and marking of Homework exercises.
- marking of library register daily, writing reports to the Host NGO and to the headmaster of school assigned, writing project report to our team at the end of every month and creating a blog online to show progress of your work at school placed
- conduct quiz for the library taught by the volunteer, marking of quiz papers,
- teach informatic in the library

When & Who

Get in touch any time for more details
1 Month

What we Provide

Accommodation will be provided to volunteers at their place of their placement. They will be staying in an a pprtement in the communities, where a woman is employed to for cooking serving meals (3 meals per day) and for making regularly the rooms, toilets clean. We are in our fourth year of experience with volunteers and will give you all the necessary advice and support they need to feel comfortable at home. We also provide airport pick up at the arrival as at the departure of volunteers no matter the time of the plane landing. Volunteers willbe given a certificate at the end.

Our Fees

Volunteer Costs

The volunteer cost is :
25 € for registration ( this cost will be sent per western union. Please get in touch with the contact person
with this registration costs, the volunteer will be sent an invitation letter for visa facilities. Then the volunteer will be pick up at the airport.
5 € a day per volunteer, we ask volunteers to contribute towards their living expenses while they work with SADA. The contribution will cover the transport costs related to the project and meals during their stay.


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Contact Person

Matthieu DAKOU

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

Basic french is essential to interact with the local teachers and with someone of the staff

18 years and more. Please Volunteers must be in good health conditions.

No gender preference, all nationalitiy is welcomed.

Single travelers, couples or two friends are welcomed and accommodated.

Internet is available locally.

You will improve your French as you will speak it every day.

We enable volunteers through motivation, encouragement and support to initiate and implement their own projects or ideas for communities in need. Volunteers will be given certificates/recommendation after volunteer period when they want.

SADA is a local non-governmental organization (NGO) in Southern Togo, West Africa which seeks to develop local communities by empowering students, women and others to help their communities. SADA works in many areas running programs for women's literacy and empowerment in rural villages, improving waste management, assisting students to go to school and make sure they can eat while there and focus on their studies because Education is the backbone the state lean on for socioeconomic and political development. We assist rural communities by providing also support and services in such areas as health, and the environment, as well as helping community development projects like farming, training youth in vocational skills and organizing women groups to integrate them in economic activities for their a financial independance.

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