Accra, Ghana, Africa

We are a charity working in aged care in Ghana.

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Mr. Amos Asuma Karikari
GW-0362-4815, Accra, Ghana.

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Vision: To have a society where the dignity and relevance of elderly members and other socially disadvantaged individuals are created and/or restored as equal and effectively useful citizens of our community – Ghana.

Our Mission: To transform the attitude of society and the lives of needy aged members as well as other socially and physically disadvantaged people through provision of opportunities that will facilitate a meaningful living for these members of society.

Goal: To see the aged, socially and physically disadvantaged supported, empowered and living happily in Ghana by turn of the next decade.

Objective To provide clothing, food, medicare, comfort, training and other basic needs to help improve the lives of the aged and other socially and physically disadvantaged members of society.

TABITHA Ghana is a charity organization whose operations are underlined by Christian and humanitarian principles in the care for the aged and other vulnerable members of society. The organization operates through the Tabitha Center Project.
The main project of TABITHA Ghana is Care for the Aged. This comprises support for destitute and abandoned elderly people in their homes (in-home care). Our services cover five basic areas of need; namely, provision of
• basic necessities,
• companionship,
• personal care,
• homemaking and
• spiritual needs.
However, our comprehensive care program (Creative Aged Care) extends to the exploitation of the potentials of the elderly for the benefit of society at large.

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