Volunteer with TAPO - Tanzania Animals Protection Organization

TAPO - Tanzania Animals Protection Organization

Volunteer with Animal Protection in Tanzania!

Shinyanga, Tanzania, Africa

A non profit organization dedicated for the improving the health and welfare of animal

What We Need

We need veterinarians , Vet technicians,Animal welfare education specialists , fundraisers, disaster relief professionals etc

When & Who

Any time
2 days to 3 Months

What we Provide

Visiting local cultural centers and national parks

Our Fees

No more fees

Contact Person

Yohana Kashililah
Box 1016 Kahama District, Shinyanga, Tanzania.
100% response rate

Other Ways to Help


Please help our organization fundraising from where you are to help us increase support on animal we help

Vets equipment, animal relief goods, funds etc

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

TAPO-Tanzania Animals Protection Organization is a non profit animal welfare organization from Western Tanzania East Africa, our mission is to protect all animal from abused, cruelty,disease and killing


What are you waiting for?

We at TAPO - Tanzania Animals Protection Organization would love to hear from you!