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Our nonprofit is transforming early childhood education and teacher education in Rwanda.


Lead Fundraising Team


1 year

Volunteers experience a sense of accomplishment in contributing to the expansion of high-quality education for children and teachers in a developing country.


TEACH Rwanda provides high-quality preschool and primary education in a system of Exemplary and Project Schools in Rwanda. These demonstration schools are sites for teacher education, where Rwandan teachers can become familiar with modern teaching strategies to implement the Rwandan competency-based curriculum. Children in our schools are thriving and their teachers are passionate at small class sizes, abundant learning materials, and children's engaged learning opportunities. Children are treated with respect, so for the first time in Rwanda, education is joyful! We operate Bright School in Muhanga and partner with other organizations and government to support high-quality schools, where children learn through play and exploration, around the country.

Up to 5 people


1787-C Chateau Place, Easton, PA 18045, Easton, PA, United States.

Rwandan phone: 078 883 4596
Box 91, Muhanga, South Province, Rwanda


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