Volunteer with Tengeneza Generation (TEG)

Tengeneza Generation (TEG)

Morogoro, Tanzania, Africa
We are proactive young people in Tanzania managed by independent,non-partisan, local professionals, experienced in international development and community development projects and capacity building, through participation in a broad range of human rights, WASH, Environment and Poverty Reduction.


There are going to be two categories of volunteer opportunities : Administration and Field work volunteers. Administration volunteers who are; project officers, logistics, photographers, medics, communication officers and room be open for new position/ideas for those who want to practice their experience and strengthen our administration operations .We believe in a every person is talented and experience in is on way. Field Volunteers will be involved in establishing tree nurseries,action research and raise awareness about the importance of natural resources and training to community members.The project will focus on environmental issues but we will have cross cutting issues like providing basic education like English,Mathematics etc to schools, orphanages and other centers surrounding/near project areas. We will host the volunteers who wish to implement their own projects and connect them to the right organizations.

Volunteers may choose any time they see fit and plan to begin their volunteering experience.

Each phase is completed by 6 weeks of volunteering, though our programs run throughout the year, volunteers whom will want to extend are welcome to do so. Minimum stay is 1-2 weeks.


We provide accommodation (camping ), food & drinks,free tour guides to trekking/hiking to natural resources areas. We plan each and every week to provide an entertainment activity or visit one natural resource area like Rau forest, Mnambe and Kinikamori water falls etc. Volunteers who will volunteer for more than 4 weeks will have opportunities for a day trip to Tanzanian national parks and reserves which are Serengeti, Tarangire and Manyara national parks and others natural resources .We have partnering with Rau Eco-Tourism and Masengota Safaris , they are tour companies so volunteers will tour with them.We believe volunteering should be fun, entertaining and enjoyable. The $100 is refundable.

Create/Update our Website
Social Media Help
Document Translation
Legal Consulting
Grant Writing

Our vision is to have a community working in building sustainable developments. We plan to reach and involve as many people as we can to join our project and protect our natural resources; either by participating in the project here, or online through sharing tools, stories and other updates of our project like blogs, fundraising and being an agency of our project, raising awareness about the project and assisting in marketing and the recruitment of volunteers.

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Tengeneza Generation (TEG) was founded in 2011 by a group of young people passionate about local sustainable development. In 2014 it was registered as an Non Governmental Organization (NGO). We believe that youth are a key catalyst, and can be leaders in delivering the change that we pursue. TEG is managed by independent, non-partisan, local professionals, experienced in international development and community development projects and capacity building; through participation in a broad range of human rights, water and sanitation, poverty reduction, environmental protection, disabled rights protection and HIV awareness raising programs.

5 to 10 people

Our costs range from $250 to $300 per week depending on the agreed volunteer activities while with us. Proposed fund raised by a volunteer is solely intended to be used in covering volunteer day to day costs: Food, Accommodation, T-shirt, stationaries and to purchase trees for planting in RAU forest as a part of collective efforts to protect it.
Volunteer whom will pay $300 as fee for a week will get an advantage of exploring other available natural resources/attractions like Waterfalls and National parks with support from our project partners whom are professional tourists company. A Volunteer who will pay $250 will get the basic needs which are: Food, accommodation (Camping), a T-shirt, stationary and contribution of purchasing trees. Because of expenses, a volunteer will explore fewer attractions.


P.o.box 1131 Mwanza, Morogoro, Tanzania.

: +255714259369

: pius242000

We like to learn new things so as to improve our daily activities/operations. If you want to share an ideas even if your idea isn't related to our project,organization goals or visions we will listen, please share with us and see how we can work together.

2 Professional cameras , 5 Laptops, 20 Hiking/Trekking boots and backpacks, 4 camping tents, a heavy duty copy/scanning machine, 100 English books (Primary school and nursery students) and other studying and research/project materials.