Thanda After School

Hibberdene, South Africa, Africa
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Thanda works with rural communities in South Africa, empowering people through education, skills development, increasing self-esteem, and fostering curiosity for knowledge.

Volunteering Activities


What We Need

Thanda's Early Childhood Development Team is currently looking for four volunteers to work in our ECD in South Africa. Volunteers will assist ECD Facilitators in the classroom, particularly assisting with dual language activities. Thanda is located in a rural area of KwaZulu-Natal South Africa, and thus and both the childrens’ and facilitators’ home language is Zulu. Through this program we are looking to expose children to English from an early age. We are therefore seeking fun, enthusiastic, and positive first-language English-Speaking volunteers to intern with us.

When & Who

April - November 2019
Yes, we require a minimum of 6 Months
It is important for us that volunteers commit for 6 months. During school holidays, volunteers will be able to travel

What we Provide

Types: Guesthouse

Volunteers normally stay at Pumala Surf Camp which is a small family run hostel close to the beach in the village of Pumula.

Types: Variety

We provide a stipend for volunteers meals

Wifi & Satellite
Hot Water

We cover reasonable costs for housing, food and local transport (approx. $400, depending on the exchange rate) which generally comfortably covers basic living costs

Our Fees

No fees

Volunteers need to cover their own international travel costs

2 Reviews

Contact Person

Margaret Stride
2 Sipofu Rd, Hibberdene, South Africa.

Additional Info about Us

More than 50 people

We have a team of over 60 permanent staff members in various roles. At any time we have less than 10 volunteers. We do not rely on volunteers, but rather volunteers add value to the organisation


Thanda is a dynamic Non-Profit Organisation which has three core programmes - Early Childhood Development, After-School, and Organic Farming. Our Creative Learning Curricula is the the common thread throughout all of our programmes. We focus on the holistic development of the individual so that he or she develops the skills essential for facing challenges with resilience, becoming a life-long learner, taking responsibility for our collective future, and becoming better citizens of the world. The Creative Learning Programme also aims to change the way educators and facilitators approach the learning process through training, knowledge sharing, and public advocacy.