Volunteer with The Appropriate Technology Collaborative

The Appropriate Technology Collaborative

Legal Registration Number: 26-2097078
The Appropriate Technology Collaborative (ATC) designs, develops, demonstrates and distributes appropriate technological solutions to meet basic needs of low income people worldwide. 

Women Development

Web Work

Fix our website to work on mobile devices!
Social Media and Fundraising - photos, blogs, stories to engage our donors. Implement a Fundraising strategy (guidance provided)
Marketing our Volunteer Solar Installation trips!
Help us access Seed Capital for our Social Enterprise

1 Month

To give you flexibility to choose living situations according to your budget, volunteers provide for their own meals and accommodation. Prior to arrival, ATC will help reserve accommodation according to your needs: homestay, hostel, room rental, house rental.

Create/Update our Website
Social Media Help
Video/Photo Editing
Accounting Assistance

We need to improve our online presence! Help us get our name out there! Please contact us for information on our current To-Do List.

Contact Us for More Info

ATC works in collaboration with our clients to create technologies that are culturally sensitive, environmentally responsible and locally repairable in order to improve quality of life. Our programs and designs provide dignity and opportunity for the world’s poorest people.

Our approach to development empowers communities to address needs with local knowledge, skills and resources to collaboratively build “the software” (education, skills enhancement, leadership training, community building, and cross-cultural sharing) and “the hardware” (infrastructure development and income-earning opportunities).

Up to 5 people

Your help is enough! Just cover your living costs, budget between $350-$500 per month.

We accept volunteers with experience in business or non-profit administration, sales and marketing experience, website work or fundraising. We ask for a deposit of $100 per month to be returned to volunteers at the successful completion of the agreed-upon project.


3765 Plaza Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48108, Solola, Guatemala.

: (502) 4900-4026