The Baywatch Marine Conservation Project / Raggy Charters

Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Africa
We operate marine cruises in order to fund marine conservation in the Eastern Cape.

Volunteering Activities

Conservation Work

What We Need

Assist in crewing on marine eco cruises. Help educate the community about the marine environment and the need for its protection and conservation. Assist organisations responsible for marine research. Undertake our own marine research. Assist in lowering our carbon footprint.

When & Who

On going. We never usually have more than one volunteer at a time. Volunteer will be working with owners and managers and thus the selection process is quite strict and personal. We will need to discuss via email initially and then telephonically.
Four weeks

What we Provide


We provide accommodation and occasional meals for our volunteers at our guest house for an initial period. Lunch is provided after all cruises. After this they have a choice of backpacker style accommodation. They will come on all available marine cruises during their stay. They will also be able to assist in whatever research and educational projects are going at the time. They will also be given the time and opportunity to visit nearby game parks and Wilderness areas, in the hope of seeing the Big 5 game animals.

Our Fees

No fees

British Pounds 1800 first four weeks
Second four weeks BP 900
Third four weeks free

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Contact Person

Box 15317, Emerald Hill, Port Elizabeth, 6011, South Africa, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Other Ways to support us

Volunteers need to be fit and healthy and suitable to spending plenty of time at sea.

Additional Info about Us

Up to 5 people

Volunteers with us get to do worthwhile projects and have hands on experiences. We need their help and get them fully involved with the day to day running of the business and conservation initiatives. Too often organisations use the volunteer program to raise funds but often giving volunteers menial tasks that are not conducive to getting enough experience that will assist them later in life.

Raggy Charters runs a variety of marine cruises, including whale and dolphin watching, penguin island, Bird Island gannet and seal viewing, sardine run and pelagic birding. Most of the funds generated go towards running the Baywatch Marine Conservation Project. Paramount are marine education projects at schools and other educational institutions, addressing public meetings and a whole range of other groups and societies. We support and assist in a wide range of research initiatives, including African penguin, great white shark, plankton and bait fish population surveys. In order to offset our carbon footprint we rehabilitate wetlands and have a tree planting program. We also run anti marine plastic pollution campaigns, getting all the role players together and making constructive plans and implementing effective actions. We recently launched Algoa Bay as the "Bottlenose Dolphin Capital of the World" in conjunction with various tourism bodies and agencies. We are also the main organisers of an annual Dolphin Carnival, in order to promote marine education within the schools and general public. We are the African representative for the World Cetacean Alliance. We have recently twice won the Lilizela National Tourism Awards for the best marine, beach and ocean experience in South Africa.

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