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The Chol-Chol Foundation

Temuco Region, Chile, South America
The Chol-Chol Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of the indigenous Mapuche people through training, workshops, human development projects, and the commercialization of their artisan projects.

Women Development

Volunteers should have experience in one or more of the following fields:
Web design
Education/human development

*Volunteers are required to have a good knowledge of Spanish*

Usually volunteers develop their own project which they think would support the work of the organization.

Past projects included artisan communication and outreach, photography, website development and maintenance, grant application, optimization of operational processes, obtaining increased market access and workshops with artisans.


Volunteers need to stay for a minimum of 3 months. The ideal stay would be 6 months, which would allow the volunteer to develop, conduct and finalize an own project

We can provide information as to accommodations nearby in Temuco, as well as transportation reimbursement for special work related events such as conventions or seminars.

No inscription costs.

Volunteers are required to pay for their own food, housing, and transportation which are estimated to be $350-$450 per month.


The Chol-Chol Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental, fair trade organization, with no religious or political affiliations. Our mission is to serve the Mapuche (the indigenous population of the Araucanía Region in Chile), thus improving their lives and the future of their families.

We aspire to contribute to the fair and equitable development of society by promoting cultural respect, dignity for all men and women, recognition of their skills, and the ongoing support of human development. Our mission is to promote the sustainable development of 100 Mapuche artisans from the Araucanía region of Chile. At the Chol-Chol Foundation, we believe that in order to truly impact human empowerment, one must take a comprehensive look at the cultural, economic, educational, and societal factors involved, and address each area individually. Using this approach, our initiatives are grouped into three overarching categories: Education/Training, Commercialization/Market Access, and Awareness Building.

Volunteers play a vital part in realizing this approach, as we view volunteering as one of the most important, mutually beneficial ways to support and collaborate on social, economic, and cultural development.

Up to 5 people

Casilla N°45, Temuco, Chile, Temuco Region, Chile.

We ask that you fill out an application directly through our website, which can be found here: http://en.cholchol.org/application.html
The application process takes approximately 2 weeks. After revising the application we usually have a Skype interview with the prospective volunteers in order to get to know them, better understand their plans and expectations and see if our needs and goals correspond appropriately.

In addition to monetary donations, we also accept donations of used computers, school supplies, health supplies and a variety of other products; please contact us if you want to know more about how to help!


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