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We are non profit organisation helping youth and women to become self sustaining.

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Stephen Jjumba
P.O BOX 2311 Kampala, Kampala, Uganda.
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About Us:
We are a youth and women foundation helping women and youth to become self sustaining, we have lately started a community fellowship, where we meet and pray together share ideas and also plan together as a team to achieve higher and greater goals for all.

To enable youth become self sustaining by giving them skills and supporting them through projects.

Current Projects:
The Jabez Foundation is giving youth and women a chance to make a living, by working and creating employment for themselves.

Youth are given a period of 3 months from the first week of January to the last week of March, to write and present their project proposals. These project proposals are then forwarded to a team of experts who go through them individually, after which an assessment is made and the best proposals are chosen and take for budgeting and verification.

In April the youth whose projects have been selected are given seminars on how they will be able to run their businesses, this then followed by funding. In May of every year we set off more than 5 projects to start running, fully funded and mobilised to make sure that they have everything it takes to make it through the market of Uganda. We are glad to be part of this great hand and we are calling you to join us today. Support a youth and a woman. Your donation helps fund these projects. For more information, contact us today