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Huaycan, Peru, South America
We are a close-knit family of volunteers working with the community of Huaycan, Peru to provide empowering educational classes and workshops to women and children.

Women Development

We are always looking for volunteers to help teach Math, English, Sports, Art, Reading, and Chess classes in our Kid's Program as well as our Teen Program, and to help teach various workshops in our Women's Empowerment Program. We also offer various long-term and internship positions, including:

Volunteer Program Coordinator
- Time Commitment: 8 months to 12 months
- Language Requirement: Advanced skills or Fluency in Spanish
- Benefits: Free room and board
- This position oversees the Volunteer Program (welcoming new volunteers, maintaining house operations, market shopping) and participation in our Kids' Center programs (managing or teaching, according to skill set and interests)
- Send a resume and cover letter to Lara@lightandleadership.org with "Volunteer Program" in the subject.

Kids' Program Manager
- Time Commitment: At least 12 months.
Free Room and Board for candidates able to stay 12 months.
- Language Requirement: Intermediate Spanish and English skills
- The Kids' Center Coordinator will oversee day-to-day operations of our Kids' Center, which operates 5 days a week and offers a wide array of educational opportunities free of charge to children. This is a perfect opportunity for someone interested in education and who loves children!
- How to apply: Send a resume and cover letter to Lara@lightandleadership.org with "Kids' Center Coordinator" in the subject.

Women's Empowerment Program Manager
- Start date: Inquire for availbility
- Time Commitment: 6-8 months (+1 week of training)
- Benefits: Discount on program fees
- Language Requirement: Advanced Spanish Skills
- Our Women's Empowerment Program Manager is in charge of coordinating educational workshop, managing our artisan project, networking with other local non-profits, and more. Program fee payments are required, however special discounts are applied for 7 and 8 month stays!
- How to Apply: Fill out the Online Application and be sure to mark "Internship" in Women's Empowerment

Check out our website to learn more!

We are always looking for new volunteers!

We accept volunteers who can commit a minimum of one week to up to several months or even years of volunteering. We offer several internship and teaching positions for volunteers looking for longer term placements.


Our volunteers live together in our cozy volunteer house located in a developed zone of Huaycan. Lunch and dinner are provided (Peruvian food is delicious!)

Flat Registration Fee: $200 USD

Week 1: $150
Week 2: $240
Week 3: $340
Week 4: $420
Week 5: $510
Week 6: $590
Week 7: $680
Week 8: $770
Week 12: $1,120
Week 16: $1,480
Week 20: $1,840
Week 24: $2,160

Certain long-term positions, such as our internships, include free room and board.


According to the World Economic Forum, Peru's education system was ranked last in math and science test scores and second to last in overall quality of education (2007). The Light and Leadership Initiative supports Huaycan, a shantytown located outside of Lima, in order to reinforce learning in Huaycan's schools.

Huaycan is comprised of approximately 180,000 inhabitants, almost all of which live below the poverty line. Huaycan is broken up into several different zones, or districts.

The Light and Leadership Initiative's (LLI) main focus is to empower our participants through education and to form leaders in the Huaycan community. We believe that lasting change will come to Huaycan through quality education. Most residents live below the poverty line and have little access to quality education. LLI offers educational programs to support both women and children in their struggle out of poverty. We now serve well over 100 participants weekly in Huaycan and the Ate-Vitarte district, impacting their education for a brighter future!

We have after - school and weekend programs in: art, chess, computer programming, community management, dance, English, math, physical education and reading.
We also have a teen center with computers and books for homework help.
Finally, we have a women's empowerment program.

Up to 5 people

Huaycan, Peru.

Interested volunteers can apply online at http://www.lightandleadership.org/volunteer.html or contact us at info@lightandleadership.org with any questions!


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