Volunteer with The Little Farm Friendly Project

The Little Farm Friendly Project

Ratchaburi, Thailand, South East Asia

Who we are

We may be just a small farm, but we are proud to have been able to impart knowledge to those who come and volunteer. Over at our farm, you are able to get to know and experience the feeling of warmth and friendship. Here, you will live a simple life, working with new friends and bring back home

Agriculture Work
Animal Care

We work on the farm for 4-5 hours each day, Volunteers will help with the care of our animals. Jobs will include the building of animal stables and shelter, feeding, bathing, raising and cleaning up after the animals. You will learn about farm work and the ways of sustainable agriculture.

all year

one week

Accommodation You will reside in a shared volunteer room located near a water basin, with a scenic view of the mountains and forest. As the project is based in a remote area, the volunteers can enjoy the quiet and relaxing surroundings after a long day at work. The room consists of a bed, pillow, blanket and a lamp with a Thai style bathroom outside.
Food, We will proive you with two Thai style meals a day (Breakfast and Lunch) for your evening meal there is lots of choice in the local town. We have a large market with lots of fresh food stalls, local restuarants (some serving western food) or you can choose to buy food to cook with your fellow volunteers on the farm. We will also give you the opportunity to take part in learning Thai cooking during your stay!



The little farm sanctuary Project was founded and organized by Arnon Noah in early of May 2016. Arnon has helped to improve the soil and set the landscape plan to make this beautiful local farm friendly. At our little farm, we are helping and caring for many animals in the farm sanctuary such as sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, geese, ducks, rabbits, dogs, cats and many other animals. It makes us happy to see the animals within our compound. In our farm, we have space for playing, eating, walking and relaxing.

The local farm sanctuary is a non-profit organisation. We are here to help provide a safe home for the furry friends to make them feel safe and happy also to allow the worldwide traveler to come for learn more about Thai traditional culture. The purpose is to live in conjunction with nature and whilst working to save the environment around the farm.

The little farm sanctuary is a situated in a rural village in Suanphung suburbs of Ratchaburi Province. The village features traditional culture on the simple life and beautiful area of the countryside. . The town is an area of high ground surrounded by mountains, and adjoining the Thai - Burmese border, about 2.5 hours from Bangkok. It is an ideal haven for those who search an escape into nature. In addition to helping our farm and getting to know our animals you will also have chance to explore the beautiful surrounding rural area to give you a true taste of Thailand. You will have an opportunity to visit our local school where we can help to improve and repair the playground and also help teach the children English skills in a fun environment.

Up to 5 people

We ask your for a financial contribution of 2000 Thai bath per week from each volunteer and 1850 THB from extra weeks. to help cover the cost of food & other daily living expenses such as electricity and water bill, also the general care and maintenance for the animals which contains food and medicine as well as equipment for the care and improvement of shelter for the animals etc. Payments can be made when you arrive at the farm.


162 / 4, Moo 5, Tha-keay , Suanphung Ratchaburi, Thailand 701870 Email: tuleedin.a@hotmail.com, Ratchaburi, Thailand.



Besides working together with the animals and local farm, you are also expected to support with general activities like Construction and Farming activity.
You need to endure and be wiling to do hard work on the farm
Try to learn and understand local people all around you.
Please take care of yourself when you work with the animals on the farm. The Little Farm Friendly Project is a small and local organisation, therefore we don't have money or any kind of insurance to take care of the volunteers.
You need to show respect to the Thai culture, to be open minded and be prepared to take part in daily rural village life. So in some situations you will need to adapt and embrace it, and be willing to share your home culture too!

Your Contact Person - Arnon Noah

: +66 (0) 995405138


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