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The Little Farm Friendly Project

We always welcome all travelers. If you are a cheerful person, love animals and nature. Who are happy to live like a locals and want to learn about Thai culture . It's a simple homestead living, eco-friendly and a small animal shelter. A little place, where nature, animal lovers can live, share wisdom to locals and learn about self-reliance on the way of rural life. Here is an ideal haven for those who search to escape into the nature and get your chill on. At the little farm of life, You can share in the true love and simple meaning of happiness and have the chance to take part in preserving the environment. we have a range of fun and different activities to keep you enjoying during your stay such as: 1. To care, cleaning, feeding, bathing, and playing with animals 2. Building and repairing the shelters within farm. 3. To teaching in basic English or yoga skin to local or children in the village 4. Helping in vegetable garden such as seed starting, make organic composting, watering, weeding and harvesting, etc. 5. Help to made farm products such as making herbal shampoos and soaps, herbal tea, coconut oil and traditional Thai food etc.